Dynamic Analysis and Adaptive Valve Timing Controller Design of Camless Engine Valve Actuators = 캠리스엔진 밸브엑츄에이터의 동역학 해석 및 밸브타이밍 적응제어기 설계

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Camless Engine Valve Actuation (CEVA) technologies have been known for improving fuel efficiency, enhancing power output, and reducing emissions of Internal Combustion(IC) engine. Electro-Hydraulic valve actuators are used to eliminate the camshaft of an existing Internal Combustion(IC) engine and to control the valve timing and valve duration independently. This thesis presents a research activity like hydraulic actuator design, dynamic simulations, analysis and adaptive valve timing control of a CEVA. Electro-Hydraulic valve actuator’s main function is to provide fully variable open/close valve timing. The CEVA system has been modeled by means of a powerful hydraulic simulation tool, AMESim, which is useful for the dynamic simulations and analysis of hydraulic systems. The designed model has been validated through comparisons with mathematical model and experimental results obtained in a prototype test bench. A proposed CEVA system controls valve landing velocity through a mechanically designed snubber. The dynamic analysis and performance results of a CEVA with hydraulic snubber are verified by comparing simulation in AMESim with experimental results on a prototype test bench. This research is also focused on the adaptive valve timing control of a CEVA system. A particular challenging control obstacle expected is the performance of valve actuators at cold operating condition. This is mainly due to the extremely nonlinear characteristics of fluid viscosity to temperature change. At a low temperature condition, CEVA’s response is very sluggish. The valve timing control algorithm proposed in this thesis is used to robustly control opening timing and closing timing regardless of fluid temperature variations. A proposed valve timing controller is to guarantee the valve timing and lift repeatability without using expensive linear position sensors. Test bench data and simulation results indicate that a CEVA system would verify the effectiven...
Choi, Sei-Bumresearcher최세범researcher
한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공,
Issue Date
308519/325007  / 020073151

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공, 2009.2, [ xi, 83 p. ]


Camless engine; Hydraulic snubber; Adaptive timing control; Model reference; Hydraulic actuator; 캠리스엔진; 유압식 스너버; 타이밍 적응제어; 모델기반; 유압 엑츄에이터; Camless engine; Hydraulic snubber; Adaptive timing control; Model reference; Hydraulic actuator; 캠리스엔진; 유압식 스너버; 타이밍 적응제어; 모델기반; 유압 엑츄에이터

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