Master/Slave 복합형 고관절 전치환 수술 로봇의 설계와 제어Design and Control of a Master/Slave Combined Surgical Robot for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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This paper explores design and control methods of a surgical robot for total hip replacement surgery which can be easily maneuvered by a surgeon Like an advanced surgical tool. The 3-DOF in-parallel surgical robot is fixed directly onto patient's femur by the bone clamp during surgery. With the master/slave combined surgical robot, the surgeon can directly control the motion of the surgical robot with surgeon's experience and judgment during operation. For the easiness of operation, the master/slave combined robot is controlled using admittance control paradigm. And for the precise operation, the robot motion is restricted at the surgical boundary using virtual hard wall display.
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제어로봇시스템학회 2000년도 제15차 한국자동제어학술회의 , pp.540 - 540

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