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Choi, Minkee (최민기)
교수, (생명화학공학과)
Research Area
Catalysis and reaction engineering, Adsorption, CO2 capture
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    Design of Amine-Containing Nanoporous Materials for Postcombustion CO2 Capture from Engineering Perspectives

    Kim, Chaehoon; Ha, Yejee; Choi, Minkee, ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH, v.56, no.21, pp.2887 - 2897, 2023-10

    Understanding remarkable promotional effects of Zn on alumina in catalytic hydrolysis of perfluorocarbon

    Jeon, Hyungmin; Oh, Myungwon; Han, Joung Woo; et al, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.426, pp.361 - 367, 2023-10

    Hierarchical LTL Zeolite as an Efficient and Sustainable Solid Acid Catalyst for Replacing HCl in the Production of Polyurethane Intermediates

    Lee, Susung; Park, Younghwan; Baik, Yaejun; et al, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.62, no.34, 2023-08

    First successful synthesis of an Al-rich mesoporous aluminosilicate for fast radioactive strontium capture

    Jeon, Hyungmin; Seok, Jin; Ha, Yejee; et al, JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, v.451, 2023-06

    Splitting of Hydrogen Atoms into Proton-Electron Pairs at BaO-Ru Interfaces for Promoting Ammonia Synthesis under Mild Conditions

    Baik, Yaejun; Kwen, Minjae; Lee, Kyungho; et al, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.145, no.20, pp.11364 - 11374, 2023-05

    Synergistic interactions between water and the metal/oxide interface in CO oxidation on Pt/CeO2 model catalysts

    Song, Hee Chan; Han, Gyuho; Reddy, Kasala Prabhakar; et al, CATALYSIS TODAY, v.411, 2023-03

    Structural heterogeneity of single-atom catalysts and true active site generation via ligand exchange during electrochemical H2O2 production

    Chi, Seunghyuck; Ji, Sang Gu; Kim, Minho; et al, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.419, pp.49 - 57, 2023-03

    Design of Olefin-Phobic Zeolites for Efficient Ethane and Ethylene Separation

    Park, Jongbeom; Cho, Kyung Ho; Kim, Jeong-Chul; et al, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.35, no.5, pp.2078 - 2087, 2023-03

    Engineering nanoscale H supply chain to accelerate methanol synthesis on ZnZrOx

    Lee, Kyungho; Mendes, Paulo C. D.; Jeon, Hyungmin; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-02

    Bottom-up synthesis of two-dimensional carbon with vertically aligned ordered micropores for ultrafast nanofiltration

    Kim, Chaehoon; Koh, Dong-Yeun; Lee, Yongjin; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.9, no.6, 2023-02

    Chitin Hydrolysis Using Zeolites in Lithium Bromide Molten Salt Hydrate

    Gozaydin, Gokalp; Sun, Qiming; Oh, Myungwon; et al, ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, v.11, no.6, pp.2511 - 2519, 2023-02

    Enhancing selectivity of aromatics in direct conversion of syngas over K/FeMn and HZSM-5 bifunctional catalysts

    Kang, Seok Chang; Park, Gyungah; Kwak, Geunjae; et al, MOLECULAR CATALYSIS, v.533, 2022-12

    Chain Length Effects of Phenylene Sulfide Modifiers on Selective Acetylene Partial Hydrogenation over Pd Catalysts

    Hyun, Kyunglim; Park, Young Hwan; Choi, Minkee, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.416, pp.267 - 276, 2022-12

    Hydrogen spillover in nonreducible oxides: Mechanism and catalytic utilization

    Lee, Songhyun; Kim, Hyungjun; Ryoo, Ryong; et al, NANO RESEARCH, v.15, no.12, pp.10357 - 10365, 2022-12

    Sulfur-modified zeolite A as a low-cost strontium remover with improved selectivity for radioactive strontium

    Yang, Hee-Man; Jeon, Hyungmin; Lee, Yeonsoo; et al, CHEMOSPHERE, v.299, pp.134309, 2022-07

    Importance of pore size and Lewis acidity of Pt/Al2O3 for mitigating mass transfer limitation and catalyst fouling in triglyceride deoxygenation

    Oh, Myungwon; Jin, Mingyu; Lee, Kyungho; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.439, 2022-07

    Doping effect of zeolite-templated carbon on electrical conductance and supercapacitance properties

    Choi, Woosuk; Bera, Raj Kumar; Han, Seung Won; et al, CARBON, v.193, pp.42 - 50, 2022-06

    Hierarchical BEA Zeolite with Trimodal Micro-/Meso-/Macroporosityas a Selective and Long-Lived Catalyst for Isobutane/2-ButeneAlkylation br

    Jin, MinKyu; Oh, Myungwon; Choi, Minkee, ACS CATALYSIS, v.12, no.7, pp.4067 - 4077, 2022-04

    Breaking the inverse relationship between catalytic activity and selectivity in acetylene partial hydrogenation using dynamic metal-polymer interaction

    Park, Younghwan; Lee, Songhyun; Hyun, Kyunglim; et al, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.404, pp.716 - 725, 2021-12

    Sodium-free synthesis of mesoporous zeolite to support Pt-Y alloy nanoparticles exhibiting high catalytic performance in propane dehydrogenation

    Park, Hongjun; Park, Hanyoung; Kim, Jeong-Chul; et al, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.404, pp.760 - 770, 2021-12

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