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Structure-inherent near-infrared bilayer nanovesicles for use as photoacoustic image-guided chemo-thermotherapy

Noh, Ilkoo; Kim, MunSik; Kim, Jeesu; Lee, DaeYong; Oh, Donghyeon; Kim, Juhwan; Kim, Chulhong; et al, JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE, v.320, pp.283 - 292, 2020-04

Somatostatin enhances visual processing and perception by suppressing excitatory inputs to parvalbumin-positive interneurons in V1

Song, You-Hyang; Hwang, Yang-Sun; Kim, Kwansoo; Lee, Hyoung-Ro; Kim, Jae-Hyun; Maclachlan, Catherine; Dubois, Anaelle; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.6, no.17, 2020-04

Inositol Pyrophosphate Metabolism Regulates Presynaptic Vesicle Cycling at Central Synapses

Park, Seung Ju; Park, Hoyong; Kim, Min-Gyu; Zhang, Seungjae; Park, Seung Eun; Kim, Seyunresearcher; Chung, ChiHye, ISCIENCE, v.23, no.4, 2020-04

A short review of the pinewood nematode,Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Kim, Bit-Na; Kim, Ji Hun; Ahn, Ji-Young; Kim, Sunchangresearcher; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Kim, Yang-Hoon; Min, Jiho, TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES, v.12, no.4, pp.297 - 304, 2020-04

Early correction of synaptic long-term depression improves abnormal anxiety-like behavior in adult GluN2B-C456Y-mutant mice

Shin, Wangyong; Kim, Kyungdeok; Serraz, Benjamin; Cho, Yi Sul; Kim, Doyoun; Kang, Muwon; Lee, Eun-Jae; et al, PLOS BIOLOGY, v.18, no.4, 2020-04

A computationally designed chimeric antigen receptor provides a small-molecule safety switch for T-cell therapy

Giordano-Attianese, Greta; Gainza, Pablo; Gray-Gaillard, Elise; Cribioli, Elisabetta; Shui, Sailan; Kim, Seonghoon; Kwak, Mi-Jeong; et al, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.38, no.4, pp.426 - 432, 2020-04

The cGAS/STING/TBK1/IRF3 innate immunity pathway maintains chromosomal stability through regulation of p21 levels

Basit, Abdul; Cho, Min-Guk; Kim, Eui-Yun; Kwon, Dohyeong; Kang, Suk-Joresearcher; Lee, Jae-Ho, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.52, no.4, pp.643 - 657, 2020-04

Identification of the Antidepressant Vilazodone as an Inhibitor of Inositol Polyphosphate Multikinase by Structure-Based Drug Repositioning

Lee, Boah; Park, Seung Ju; Lee, Seulgi; Park, Seung Eun; Lee, Eunhye; Song, Ji-Joonresearcher; Byun, Youngjoo; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.43, no.3, pp.222 - 227, 2020-03

Presynaptic PTP sigma regulates postsynaptic NMDA receptor function through direct adhesion-independent mechanisms

Kim, Kyungdeok; Shin, Wangyong; Kang, Muwon; Lee, Suho; Kim, Doyoun; Kang, Ryeonghwa; Jung, Yewon; et al, ELIFE, v.9, 2020-03

A DLG2 deficiency in mice leads to reduced sociability and increased repetitive behavior accompanied by aberrant synaptic transmission in the dorsal striatum

Yoo, Taesun; Kim, Sun-Gyun; Yang, Soo Hyun; Kim, Hyun; Kim, Eunjoonresearcher; Kim, Soo Young, MOLECULAR AUTISM, v.11, no.1, 2020-03

Evidence for binary Smc complexes lacking kite subunits in archaea

Jeon, Jae-Hyun; Lee, Han-Sol; Shin, Ho-Chul; Kwak, Mi-Jeong; Kim, Yeon-Gil; Gruber, Stephan; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher, IUCRJ, v.7, pp.193 - 206, 2020-03

A multiplex guide RNA expression system and its efficacy for plant genome engineering

Oh, Youngbin; Lee, Bora; Kim, Hyeonjin; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher, PLANT METHODS, v.16, no.1, 2020-03

Persistent Cyfip1 Expression Is Required to Maintain the Adult Subventricular Zone Neurogenic Niche

Habela, Christa Whelan; Yoon, Ki-Junresearcher; Kim, Nam-Shik; Taga, Arens; Bell, Kassidy; Bergles, Dwight E.; Maragakis, Nicholas J.; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.40, no.10, pp.2015 - 2024, 2020-03

A neural basis for tonic suppression of sodium appetite

Park, Seahyung; Williams, Kevin W.; Liu, Chen; Sohn, Jong-Wooresearcher, NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.23, no.3, pp.423 - +, 2020-03

The aging skin microenvironment dictates stem cell behavior

Ge, Yejing; Miao, Yuxuan; Gur-Cohen, Shiri; Gomez, Nicholas; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Nikolova, Maria; Polak, Lisa; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.117, no.10, pp.5339 - 5350, 2020-03

Structural and biophysical properties of RIG-I bound to dsRNA with G-U wobble base pairs

Kim, Ki-Hun; Hwang, Jihyun; Kim, Jin Hong; Son, Kyung-Pyo; Jang, Yejin; Kim, Meehyein; Kang, Suk-Joresearcher; et al, RNA BIOLOGY, v.17, no.3, pp.325 - 334, 2020-03

Comparative Primary Metabolic and Lipidomic Profiling of Freshwater and Marine Synechocystis Strains Using by GC-MS and NanoESI-MS Analyses

Noh, YuJin; Lee, Hwanhui; Hong, Seong-Joo; Lee, Hookeun; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Lee, Choul-Gyun; Choi, Hyung-Kyoon, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING, v.25, no.2, pp.308 - 319, 2020-03

Functional cooperation of the glycine synthase-reductase and Wood-Ljungdahl pathways for autotrophic growth of Clostridium drakei

Song, Yoseb; Lee, Jin Soo; Shin, Jongoh; Lee, Gyu Min; Jin, Sangrak; Kang, Seulgi; Lee, Jung-Kul; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.117, no.13, pp.7516 - 7523, 2020-03

STATR: A simple analysis pipeline of Ribo-Seq in bacteria

Choe, Donghui; Palsson, Bernhard; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY, v.58, no.3, pp.217 - 226, 2020-03

PRMT1 Is Required for the Maintenance of Mature β-Cell Identity

Kim, Hyunki; Yoon, Byoung-Ha; Oh, Chang-Myung; Lee, Joonyub; Lee, Kanghoon; Song, Heein; Kim, Eunha; et al, DIABETES, v.69, no.3, pp.355 - 368, 2020-03



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