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Acid sensing by the Drosophila olfactory system

Ai, Minrong; Min, Soohong; Grosjean, Yael; Leblanc, Charlotte; Bell, Rati; Benton, Richard; Suh, Greg S. B.researcher, NATURE, v.468, no.7324, pp.691 - U112, 2010-12

Control a feeding Piezo-mediated gut mechanosensation in Drosophila

Min, Soohong; Oh, Yangkyun; Verma, Pushpa; Whitehead, Samuel C.; Yapici, Nilay; Van Vactor, David; Suh, Greg S. B.researcher; et al, ELIFE, v.10, 2021-02

Dedicated olfactory neurons mediating attraction behavior to ammonia and amines in Drosophila

Min, Soohong; Ai, Minrong; Shin, Seul A.; Suh, Greg S. B.researcher, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.110, no.14, pp.E1321 - E1329, 2013-04

Identification of a Peptidergic Pathway Critical to Satiety Responses in Drosophila

Min, Soohong; Chae, Hyo-Seok; Jang, Yong-Hoon; Choi, Sekyu; Lee, Sion; Jeong, Yong Taek; Jones, Walton Dresearcher; et al, CURRENT BIOLOGY, v.26, no.6, pp.814 - 820, 2016-03

Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors IR64a and IR8a Form a Functional Odorant Receptor Complex In Vivo in Drosophila

Ai, Minrong; Blais, Steven; Park, Jin-Yong; Min, Soohong; Neubert, Thomas A.; Suh, Greg S. B.researcher, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.33, no.26, pp.10741 - 10749, 2013-06

Nutrient Sensor in the Brain Directs the Action of the Brain-Gut Axis in Drosophila

Dus, Monica; Lai, Jason Sih-Yu; Gunapala, Keith M.; Min, Soohong; Tayler, Timothy D.; Hergarden, Anne C.; Geraud, Eliot; et al, NEURON, v.87, no.1, pp.139 - 151, 2015-07

Periphery signals generated by Piezo-mediated stomach stretch and Neuromedin-mediated glucose load regulate the Drosophila brain nutrient sensor

Oh, Yangkyun; Lai, Jason Sih-Yu; Min, Soohong; Huang, Huai-Wei; Liberles, Stephen D.; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Suh, Greg S. B.researcher, NEURON, v.109, no.12, pp.1979 - +, 2021-06

The Hippo-Salvador signaling pathway regulates renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis

Seo, Eunjeong; Kim, Wan-Young; Hur, Jeongmi; Kim, Hanbyul; Nam, Sun Ah; Choi, Arum; Kim, Yu-Mi; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-08



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