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Gender differences revealed in the right posterior temporal areas during Navon letter identification tasks

Lee, Jae-Won; Chung, Dong-Il; Chang, Su-Min; Kim, Sun-Gyo; Kim, Sang-Woo; Park, Hyun-Sang; Ryu, Shin-Ho; et al, BRAIN IMAGING AND BEHAVIOR, v.6, no.3, pp.387 - 396, 2012-09

Ipsilateral motor activation during unimanual and bimanual motor tasks

Ghacibeh, Georges A.; Mirpuri, Ravi; Drago, Valeria; Jeong, Yongresearcher; Heilman, Kenneth M.; Triggs, William J., CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, v.118, no.2, pp.325 - 332, 2007-02

Layer-specific interhemispheric functional connectivity in the somatosensory cortex of rats: resting state electrophysiology and fMRI studies

Baek, Kwangyeol; Shim, Woo-Hyun; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Radhakrishnan, Harsha; Rosen, Bruce R.; Boas, David; Franceschini, Maria; et al, BRAIN STRUCTURE & FUNCTION, v.221, no.5, pp.2801 - 2815, 2016-06



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