Referential meaning and visual imagery induced by program music based on behavior and electrophysiological recordings = 행동데이터 및 전기생리학적 기록을 통한 표제음악이 불러일으키는 지시적 의미와 시각적 심상에 관한 연구

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Program music is a form of Western classical music that carries extra-musical meanings. Compared with absolute music in which artistic interest is supposedly confined to abstract constructions in sound, it is well known that program music elicits more visual imagery in listeners than does absolute music. Despite the significance of this long belief in music aesthetics, it has not been proved yet and its underlying neurophysiological mechanism is unclear. The aim of this study was to examine whether the program music indeed evokes more activations of cortical regions involved in visual imagery than does absolute music using electroencephalograms (EEG), and to find out similarity between listeners’ imagery and composer’s intention, if visual imagery is induced without any information of music. 100 participants of musician and non-musician were asked to listen 3 program music and 3 absolute music pieces. And EEGs of 28 participants were recorded. Significant activation of cortical regions was estimated using sLORETA. After listened each pieces with eyes closed, participants reported their appreciation of visual images and remembrance of individual experience induced while they listen, if they have. I found that there is no difference in activation of visual cortex, while listening to the program music and the absolute music, and between musicians and non-musicians. Self-report analysis showed that absolute music also evoked visual imagery in listeners which is associated with their own previous experiences, whereas visual images in listeners during perception of program music are associated with the theme of music.
Kim, Tak-Hwanresearcher김탁환researcherJeong, Jae-Seungresearcher정재승researcher
한국과학기술원 : 문화기술대학원,
Issue Date
308605/325007  / 020073728

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 문화기술대학원, 2009.2, [ vi, 58 p. ]


표제음악; 지시적의미; 시각적심상; 뇌전위; 음악에서의 재현성; Program music; Referential meaning; Visual imagery; electroencephalograms; Representation in music; 표제음악; 지시적의미; 시각적심상; 뇌전위; 음악에서의 재현성; Program music; Referential meaning; Visual imagery; electroencephalograms; Representation in music

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