Amine-based carbon dioxide adsorbent resistant to oxygen and sulfur dioxide and method of preparing the same이산화황으로부터 내성을 지니는 코어-쉘 형 아민계 이산화탄소 흡착제 및 이의 제조 방법

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A core-shell type amine-based carbon dioxide adsorbent is described, including a chelating agent resistant to oxygen and sulfur dioxide, to inhibit oxidative decomposition of amine. As a core, a porous support is employed on which an amine compound is immobilized, and, as a shell, an amine layer resistant to inactivity by sulfur dioxide is utilized. Such adsorbent exhibits high oxidation resistance because the chelating agent functions to remove a variety of transition metal impurities catalytically acting on amine oxidation. In addition, the sulfur dioxide-resistant amine layer of the shell selectively adsorbs sulfur dioxide to protect the amine compound of the core and, at the same time, the amine compound of the core selectively adsorbs only carbon dioxide. Sulfur dioxide adsorbed on the shell is readily desorbable therefrom at about 110° C. and thus remarkably improved regeneration stability is obtained during temperature-swing adsorption (TSA) processes in which sulfur dioxide is present.
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