Chiral Edge Mode in the Coupled Dynamics of Magnetic Solitons in a Honeycomb Lattice

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Motivated by a recent experimental demonstration of a chiral edge mode in an array of spinning gyroscopes, we theoretically study the coupled gyration modes of topological magnetic solitons, vortices and magnetic bubbles, arranged as a honeycomb lattice [1]. The soliton lattice under suitable conditions is shown to support a chiral edge mode like its mechanical analogue, the existence of which can be understood by mapping the system to the Haldane model for an electronic system. The direction of the chiral edge mode is associated with the topological charge of the constituent solitons, which can be manipulated by an external field or by an electric-current pulse. The direction can also be controlled by distorting the honeycomb lattice. Our results indicate that the lattices of magnetic solitons can serve as reprogrammable topological metamaterials.
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APS March Meeting 2018

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