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Kim, Se Kwon (김세권)
조교수, (물리학과)
Research Area
Magnetism, Spintronics, Strongly Correlated System
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    Electronic manipulation of magnon topology by chirality injection from boundaries

    Lee, Seunghun; Go, Gyungchoon; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.107, no.14, 2023-04

    Interaction of gapless spin waves and a domain wall in an easy-cone ferromagnet

    Kim, Wooyon; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.107, no.14, 2023-04

    Scattering and Goos–Hänchen shift of antiferromagnetic spin waves under the spatial change of exchange interaction

    Lee, Geun-Hee; Kim, Junsung; Kim, Kab-Jinresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v.569, 2023-03

    Superfluidlike spin transport in the dynamic states of easy-axis magnets

    Yun, Jongpil; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.107, no.10, 2023-03

    Mechanics of a ferromagnetic domain wall

    Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Tchernyshyov, Oleg, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v.35, no.13, 2023-02

    An alternative understanding of the skyrmion Hall effect based on one-dimensional domain wall motion

    Moon, Kyoung-Woong; Yoon, Jungbum; Kim, Changsoo; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS, v.15, no.12, 2022-12

    Fractalized magnon transport on a quasicrystal with enhanced stability

    Jeon, Junmo; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Lee, SungBinresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.106, no.13, 2022-10

    Topological phase transition in magnon bands in a honeycomb ferromagnet driven by sublattice symmetry breaking

    Kim, Hongseok; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, Physical Review b, v.106, no.10, 2022-09

    Tunable large spin Nernst effect in a two-dimensional magnetic bilayer

    Go, Gyungchoon; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.106, no.12, 2022-09

    Atomic-scale spin-wave polarizer based on a sharp antiferromagnetic domain wall

    Faridi, Ehsan; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Vignale, Giovanni, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.106, no.9, 2022-09

    Violation of the magnonic Wiedemann-Franz law in the strong nonlinear regime

    Nakata, Kouki; Ohnuma, Yuichi; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.105, no.18, 2022-05

    Generation of Magnon Orbital Angular Momentum by a Skyrmion-Textured Domain Wall in a Ferromagnetic Nanotube

    Lee, Seungho; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, FRONTIERS IN PHYSICS, v.10, 2022-04

    Generation of nonreciprocity in gapless spin waves by chirality injection

    Go, Gyungchoon; Lee, Seunghun; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.105, no.13, 2022-04

    Survey of temperature dependence of the damping parameter in the ferrimagnet Gd3Fe5O12

    Ng, Isaac; Liu, Ruizi; Ren, Zheyu; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, v.58, no.3, 2022-03

    Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition transport in spin-triplet superconductor

    Chung, Suk Bum; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, SCIPOST PHYSICS CORE, v.5, no.003, 2022-01

    Ferrimagnetic spintronics

    Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Beach, Geoffrey S.D.; Lee, Kyung-Jinresearcher; et al, NATURE MATERIALS, v.21, no.1, pp.24 - 34, 2022-01

    Superluminal-like magnon propagation in antiferromagnetic NiO at nanoscale distances

    Lee, Kyusup; Lee, Dong-Kyu; Yang, Dongsheng; et al, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.16, no.12, pp.1337 - 1341, 2021-12

    Tunable magnonic cavity analogous to Fabry-Perot interferometer

    Hong, Ik-Sun; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Lee, Kyung-Jinresearcher; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.119, no.20, 2021-11

    Domain-wall motion driven by a rotating field in a ferrimagnet

    Jin, Munsu; Hong, Ik-Sun; Kim, Duck-Ho; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.104, no.18, 2021-11

    Temperature dependence of intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to anisotropic magnetoresistance

    Park, Ji-Ho; Ko, Hye-Won; Kim, Jeong-Mok; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, pp.20884, 2021-10

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