A newly developed high performance ADN based monopropellant with a safety test

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In this study, Tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether (Tetraglyme) was used as a new fuel for Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN) based mono-propellants to increase the specific impulse and to compensate for the preheating temperature and vapor pressure of LMP-103S, which is frequently used as ADN based mono-propellant. Methanol, ethanol, acetone, and glycerol were selected as comparative fuels to compare the characteristics and performance of ADN based mono-propellant mixed with tetraglyme fuel. ADN based mono-propellant blended with tetraglyme fuel had a specific impulse of 3 to 16 seconds higher than other fuels at 10 bars. Afterwards, thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry (TGA-DSC) analysis was carried out, and the results showed that the flash point and the autoignition temperature of fuel did not affect the preheating temperature of ADN based monopropellants. Subsequently, in order to evaluate the explosiveness and safety of ADN based mono-propellant mixed with tetraglyme fuel, safety test called blasting cap test was conducted to the newly developed propellants. As a result, ADN based mono-propellant blended with tetraglyme fuel had a similar explosive power as the LMP-103S. In the future, the performance of the newly developed propellant will be more accurately measured and analysed by conducting the hot firing test.
International Astronautical Federation, IAF
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70th International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2019

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