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Kwon, Sejin (권세진)
교수, (항공우주공학과)
Research Area
Rocket Engine, Moon Exploration, Power MEMS&Sensor;Fuel Cell System
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    NO Title, Author(s) (Publication Title, Volume Issue, Page, Issue Date)
    A Pattern Search Method to Optimize Mars Exploration Trajectories

    Choi, Su-Jin; Kang, Hongjae; Lee, Keejoo; et al, AEROSPACE, v.10, no.10, 2023-10

    Shock Response of Precision Linear Shaped Charge in a Multistage Rocket System

    Choi, Seunghyuk; Kwon, Sejin; Lee, Si-Eun; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.24, no.1, pp.92 - 104, 2023-02

    Reactivity of hypergolic hybrid solid fuel with industrial grade hydrogen peroxide

    Rang, Seongmin; Jeong, Junyeong; Bhosale, Vikas Khandu; et al, FUEL, v.330, 2022-12

    Geometric Effects of Liquid Rocket Engine Pintle Injectors in Supercritical Combustion

    Hwang, Dokeun; Kim, Jonggyu; Ryu, Chulsung; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.23, no.5, pp.941 - 952, 2022-11

    Hypergolicity improvement by activated carbon-supported catalysts for hydrogen peroxide oxidizer

    Jeong, Junyeong; Rang, Seongmin; Ugolini, Vincent Mario Pierre; et al, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.198, pp.720 - 727, 2022-09

    Performance of MEMS-Based Monopropellant Microthruster With Insulating Effect

    Huh, Jeongmoo; Park, Ki Sun; Lee, Jeongsub; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.31, no.4, pp.612 - 624, 2022-08

    A practical design approach for a single-stage sounding rocket to reach a target altitude

    Huh, J.; Kwon, Sejin, AERONAUTICAL JOURNAL, v.126, no.1301, pp.1084 - 1100, 2022-07

    Demonstration of ammonia borane-based hypergolic ignitor for hybrid rocket

    Jeong, Junyeong; Kim, Kyu-Seop; Bhosale, Vikas Khandu; et al, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.196, pp.85 - 93, 2022-07

    Optical visualization of hypergolic burning spray structure using blue light spectrum

    Kim, Kyu-Seop; Jung, Sangwoo; Kwon, Sejin, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.193, pp.230 - 236, 2022-04

    Parametric Study of Solid Fuel for Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rocket Design

    Yun, Yongtae; Kim, Juwon; Kwon, Sejin, JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER, v.38, no.2, pp.229 - 240, 2022-03

    Room-temperature catalytically reactive ammonium dinitramide-H2O2 monopropellant for microsatellites

    Kim, Ju Won; Bhosale, Vikas Khandu; Kim, Kyu-Seop; et al, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, v.69, no.3, pp.1631 - 1644, 2022-02

    Dual-Plate Injector for Throttling of Hydrogen Peroxide Monopropellant Thruster

    Kim, Yehyun; Kim, Hyuntak; Jeong, Junyeong; et al, JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER, v.38, no.1, pp.51 - 58, 2022-01

    Geostationary Orbit Transfer with Lunar Gravity Assist from Non-equatorial Launch Site

    Choi, Su-Jin; Carrico, John; Loucks, Mike; et al, JOURNAL OF THE ASTRONAUTICAL SCIENCES, v.68, no.4, pp.1014 - 1033, 2021-12

    Simplified Measurement Method of Oscillating Liquid-Jet Frequency Through Laser Detection

    Jung, Sangwoo; Kim, Kyu-Seop; Kwon, Sejin, AIAA JOURNAL, v.59, no.12, pp.5360 - 5363, 2021-12

    Effect of Fuel Activation Energy on Ignition of Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rocket

    Yun, Yongtae; Kim, Kyu-seop; Bhosale, Vikas Khandu; et al, JOURNAL OF SPACECRAFT AND ROCKETS, v.58, no.3, pp.1930 - 1934, 2021-11

    Scaling of catalyst bed for hydrogen peroxide monopropellant thrusters using catalytic decomposition modeling

    Jung, Sangwoo; Choi, Sukmin; Heo, Seonuk; et al, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.187, pp.167 - 180, 2021-10

    Design and Development of DALBIT-1: Earth-Based Lander Test Bed

    Choi, Sukmin; Jo, Byeongun; Cho, Woohyeon; et al, JOURNAL OF SPACECRAFT AND ROCKETS, v.58, no.5, pp.1430 - 1443, 2021-09

    Synergistic effect of a hybrid additive for hydrogen peroxide-based low toxicity hypergolic propellants

    Kim, Kyu-Seop; Bhosale, Vikas K.; Kwon, Sejin, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.231, no.111450, 2021-09

    Rapid ignition of "green" bipropellants enlisting hypergolic copper (II) promoter-in-fuel

    Bhosale, Vikas Khandu; Gwak, Jinseong; Kim, Kyu-Seop; et al, FUEL, v.297, 2021-08

    Combustion Characteristics of Multi-Element Swirl Coaxial Jet Injectors under Varying Momentum Ratios

    So, Younseok; Han, Yeoungmin; Kwon, Sejin, ENERGIES, v.14, no.13, 2021-07

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