A novel 6-DOF displacement measurement system based on vision and laser sensors = 비전 및 레이저 기반의 새로운 6자유도 변위 측정 시스템

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The main objective of this thesis is development of a novel structural 6-DOF displacement measurement system in order to monitor the structural safety. The displacement measurement system, a visually servoed paired structured light system (ViSP), is composed of two sides facing each other, each with one or two lasers, a 2-DOF manipulator, a camera, and a screen. The lasers on each side project parallel beams to the screen on the opposite side and the camera near the screen captures the image of the screen. A 2-DOF manipulator on each side controls the pose of lasers to prevent the projected laser beams be on the screen all the time. Since the distance between the screen and the camera is short, the system is robust to environmental changes. By calculating positions of the laser beams projected on the screens and rotation angles of the manipulators, 6-DOF displacement between two sides can be estimated. To reduce computation time, an incremental displacement estimation (IDE) method which updates the previously estimated displacement based on the difference between the previous and the current observed data is proposed. To apply the proposed system to massive structures, the whole area should be partitioned and each ViSP module is placed in each partition in a cascaded manner. The estimated displacement between adjoining ViSPs is combined with the next partition so that the entire movement of the structure can be estimated. The multiple ViSPs, however, have a major problem that the error is propagated through the partitions. Therefore, a displacement estimation error back-propagation (DEEP) method which uses Newton-Raphson or gradient descent formulation inspired by the error back-propagation algorithm; and a pose-graph optimized displacement estimation (PODE) method based on a pose-graph optimization technique recently used in mobile robotics are proposed. To validate the performance of the proposed system and methods, various simulations and experimental tests...
Myung, Hyunresearcher명현
한국과학기술원 : 건설및환경공학과,
Issue Date
591711/325007  / 020105397

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 건설및환경공학과, 2014.8, [ xi, 93 p ]


structural health monitoring (SHM); 데이터 융합; 포즈-그래프 최적화 변위 측정 알고리즘; 변위 측정 오차 전파 최소화 알고리즘; 증분형 변위 측정 알고리즘; 비주얼 서보잉 기반 양립형 구조광 시스템; displacement measurement; visually servoed paired structured light system (ViSP); incremental displacement estimation (IDE) algorithm; displacement estimation error back-propagation (DEEP) method; pose-graph optimized displacement estimation (PODE) method; data fusion; 구조물 건전도 진단; 변위 측정

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