Content-based Synchronization using the Local Invariant Feature for Robust Watermarking

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dc.identifier.citationLecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.3325, pp.122-134en
dc.description.abstractThis paper addresses the problem of content-based synchronization for robust watermarking. Synchronization is a process of extracting the location to embed and detect the signature, copyright information, so that it is crucial for the robustness of the watermarking system. In this paper, we will review representative content-based approaches and propose a new synchronization method based on the scale invariant feature transform. In content-based synchronization approaches, it is important to extract robust features even with image distortions and we suspect that the consideration of local image characteristics will be helpful. The scale invariant feature transform regards these characteristics and is invariant to noise, spatial filtering, geometric distortions, and illumination changes of the image. Through experiments, we will compare the proposed method with representative content-based approaches and show the appropriateness for robust watermarking.en
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dc.titleContent-based Synchronization using the Local Invariant Feature for Robust Watermarkingen


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