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Exploring Commercial Gentrification using Instagram Data

Han, Sumin; Hong, Dasom; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 12th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, ASONAM 2020, IEEE/ACM, 2020-12-11

ADELA: Attention based Deep Ensemble Learning for Activity Recognition in Smart Collaborative Environments

Kim, Hyunju; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 36th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2021, pp.436 - 444, ACM, 2021-03-22

SetVAE: learning hierarchical composition for generative modeling of set-structured data

Yoo, Jaehoon; Kim, Jinwoo; Lee, Juhoresearcher; Hong, Seunghoonresearcher, IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE/CVF, 2021-06-21

DQN-based Coverage Maximization for Mobile Video Camera Networks

Lee, Seungho; Jang, SiYoung; Hyun, Soon-Jooresearcher; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 2021 IEEE 18th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), IEEE, 2021-01-09

TAP: Temporal Relation represented Transformer for Predicting Activity in Collaborative Tasks”, The 17th International Workshop on Context and Activity Modeling and Recognition

Kim, Hyunju; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops and other Affiliated Events (PerCom Workshops), IEEE, 2021-03-23

GraphShop: Graph-based Approach for Shop-type Recommendation

An, GuoYuan; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher; Kim, Jae Yoon; Wang, Lin; Kim, Myoung Horesearcher, 2021 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), pp.55 - 63, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2021-04-29

View-dependent Scene Appearance Synthesis using Inverse Rendering from Light Fields

Kang, Dahyun; Jeon, Daniel; Kim, Hakyeong; Jang, Hyeonjoong; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher, International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP 2021), IEEE, 2021-05-24

EvDistill: Asynchronous Events to End-task Learning via Bidirectional Reconstruction-guided Cross-modal Knowledge Distillation

Wang, Lin; Yoon, Kuk-Jinresearcher; Chae, Yujeong; Yoon, SungHoon; Kim, Tae-Kyunresearcher, IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2021, Computer Vision Foundation, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-06-19

Minimal Relay Node Placement for Ensuring Network Connectivity in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Hanh, Nguyen Thi; Binh, Huynh Thi Thanh; Van Son, Nguyen; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, 2020 IEEE 19th International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA), IEEE, 2020-11-24

문장 신뢰도를 이용한 딥러닝 기반의 버그 리포트 요약

고영지; 강성원researcher, 2020 한국소프트웨어종합학술대회, 한국정보과학회, 2020-12-22

이슈 관리를 위한 다중 레이블 분류 봇

박도제; 양혜진; 최광현; 이선아; 강성원researcher, 제 23회 한국 소프트웨어공학 학술대회(KCSE 2021), 한국정보과학회, 2021-02-02

Bug Report Summarization using Believability Score and Text Ranking

Koh, Youngji; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; Lee, Seonah, 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC), pp.117 - 120, IEEE, 2021-04-13

Joint Learning of 3D Shape Retrieval and Deformation

Uy, Mikaela Angelina; Kim, Vladimir G.; Sung, Minhyukresearcher; Aigerman, Noam; Chaudhuri, Siddhartha, IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE, 2021-06

Differentiable Diffusion for Dense Depth Estimation from Multi-view Images

Khan, Numair; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher; Tompkin, James, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2021, IEEE, 2021-06-23

High-Quality Stereo Image Restoration from Double Refraction

KIM, HAKYEONG; Meuleman, Andreas; Jeon, Daniel; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2021, IEEE, 2021-06-24

NormalFusion: Real-Time Acquisition of Surface Normals for High-Resolution RGB-D Scanning

Ha, Hyunho; Lee, Joo Ho; Meuleman, Andreas; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2021, IEEE, 2021-06-25

Common Counters: Compressed Encryption Counters for Secure GPU Memory

Na, Seonjin; Lee, Sunho; Kim, Yeonjae; Park, Jongseresearcher; Huh, Jaehyuk, The 27th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-27), pp.1 - 13, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-02-27

Real-Time Sphere Sweeping Stereo From Multiview Fisheye Images

Meuleman, Andreas; Jang, Hyeongjoong; Jeon, Daniel; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2021, IEEE, 2021-06-24

AtaTouch: Robust Finger Pinch Detection for a VR Controller Using RF Return Loss

Kim, Daehwa; Park, Keunwoo; Lee, Geehyukresearcher, 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems: Making Waves, Combining Strengths, CHI 2021, Association for Computing Machinery, 2021-05-08

Neural Contrast Enhancement of CT Image

Seo, Minkyo; Kim,Dongkeun; Lee, Kyungmoon; Hong, Seunghoonresearcher; Bae, Jae Seok; Kwak, Suha, IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, WACV 2021, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2021-01-05


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