Novel Ramjet Propulsion System using Liquid Bipropellant Rocket for Launch Stage

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Ramjets are capable of much higher specific impulse than liquid rocket engines for high speed flight in the atmosphere. Ramjets, however, cannot generate thrust at low flight speed. Therefore, an additional propulsion device to accelerate the ramjet vehicle to a supersonic speed is required. In this study, we propose a novel ramjet propulsion system with a H2O2/Kerosene rocket as the accelerator for initial stage. In order to test the feasibility of this concept, consecutive reactors was built; one for the decomposition of H2O2 and the other for kerosene combustion. Decomposed H2O2 jet was injected to combustor through converging nozzle from gas generator and over this hot oxygen jet, kerosene was injected by spay injector. Through the various test cases, hypergolic ignition test was carried out and steady combustion was achieved.
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Asian Joint Conference on Propulsion and Power, pp.48 - 52

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