MR 유체 감쇠기를 이용한 사장교의 지진응답 제어기법Control Strategy for Seismic Responses of Cable-Stayed Bridges Using MR Fluid Dampers

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This paper examines the ASCE first generation benchmark problem for a seismically excited cable-stayed bridge, and proposes a new semi-active control strategy focusing on inclusion of effects of control- structure interaction. In this study, magnetorheological (MR) fluid dampers, which belong to the class of controllable fluid dampers, are proposed as the supplemental damping devices, and a clipped-optimal control algorithm, shown to perform well in previous studies involving MR fluid dampers, is employed. The dynamic model for MR fluid dampers is considered as a modified Bouc-Wen model, which is obtained from data based on experimental results for large-scale dampers. Numerical results show that the performance of the proposed semi-active control strategy using MR fluid dampers is quite effective.
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2002년도 봄 한국전산구조공학회 학술발표회, pp.149 - 156

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CE-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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