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Jung, Hyung-Jo (정형조)
교수, (건설및환경공학과)
Research Area
Structural Control, Intelligent Systems, Seismic Engineering
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    Real-Time Struck-By Hazards Detection System for Small- and Medium-Sized Construction Sites Based on Computer Vision Using Far-Field Surveillance Videos

    Kim, Hyung-soo; Seong, Jaehwan; Jung, Hyung-Jo, JOURNAL OF COMPUTING IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, v.37, no.6, 2023-11

    A Motion Deblurring Network for Enhancing UAV Image Quality in Bridge Inspection

    Lee, Jin-Hwan; Gwon, Gi-Hun; Kim, In-Ho; et al, DRONES, v.7, no.11, 2023-11

    Image-to-Image Translation-Based Structural Damage Data Augmentation for Infrastructure Inspection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Gwon, Gi-Hun; Lee, Jin-Hwan; Kim, In-Ho; et al, DRONES, v.7, no.11, 2023-11

    The Detection System for a Danger State of a Collision between Construction Equipment and Workers Using Fixed CCTV on Construction Sites

    Seong, Jaehwan; Kim, Hyung-soo; Jung, Hyung-Jo, SENSORS, v.23, no.20, 2023-10

    Impact load identification method based on artificial neural network for submerged floating tunnel under collision

    Baek, Seung-Min; Park, Jae-Chan; Jung, Hyung-Jo, OCEAN ENGINEERING, v.286, 2023-10

    Dynamic Response Measurement and Cable Tension Estimation Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Kim, In-Ho; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Yoon, Sungsik; et al, REMOTE SENSING, v.15, no.16, 2023-08

    원전 격납 건물의 실시간 모니터링을 위한 강건한 최적 센서배치 연구

    이찬우; 김유진; 정형조, 한국전산구조공학회논문집, v.36, no.3, pp.155 - 163, 2023-06

    CNN-Based Image Quality Classification Considering Quality Degradation in Bridge Inspection Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Gwon, Gi-Hun; Lee, Jin Hwan; Kim, In-Ho; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.11, pp.22096 - 22113, 2023-01

    Seismic fragility analysis of deteriorated bridge structures employing a UAV inspection-based updated digital twin

    Yoon, Sungsik; Lee, Sangmok; Kye, Seungkyung; et al, STRUCTURAL AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY OPTIMIZATION, v.65, no.12, 2022-12

    A Comparative Study of Bridge Inspection and Condition Assessment between Manpower and a UAS

    Kim, In-Ho; Yoon, Sungsik; Lee, Jin-Hwan; et al, DRONES, v.6, no.11, 2022-11

    지반 임피던스 함수를 고려한 원전 구조물기반 질량집중모델에 대한 시간영역 지진응답해석

    최유리; 주희건; 정형조, 한국소음진동공학회논문집, v.32, no.5, pp.517 - 526, 2022-10

    Automatic control of AC bridge-based capacitive strain sensor interface for wireless structural health monitoring

    Jeong, Jong-Hyun; Jo, Hongki; Laflamme, Simon; et al, MEASUREMENT, v.202, 2022-10

    An experimental study on the steel corrosion behavior in NaCl-immersed concrete under hydraulic pressure

    Park, Jae -Chan; Jung, Hyung-Jo, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.345, 2022-08

    A novel approach to assess the seismic performance of deteriorated bridge structures by employing UAV-based damage detection

    Yoon, Sungsik; Spencer, Billie F., Jr.; Lee, Sangmok; et al, STRUCTURAL CONTROL & HEALTH MONITORING, v.29, no.7, 2022-07

    Experimental investigation on energy harvesting performance of regenerative hybrid electrodynamic damper

    Kim, Youjin; Kye, Seungkyung; Hwang, Yongmoon; et al, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, v.334, 2022-02

    Performance enhancement of an MRE-based isolator using a multi-layered electromagnetic system

    Hwang, Yongmoon; Lee, Junghoon; Kye, Seungkyung; et al, SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, v.31, no.1, 2022-01

    Feasibility Study for the Fine Crack Width Estimation of Concrete Structures Based on Fiducial Markers

    Kye, Seungkyung; Jeong, Hoseong; Cho, Dooyong; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.145238 - 145247, 2021-10

    Flow-based seismic resilience assessment of urban water transmission networks

    Yoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-Jo, STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS, v.79, no.4, pp.517 - 529, 2021-08

    Digital image correlation in dental materials and related research: A review

    Yoon, Sungsik; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Knowles, J. C.; et al, DENTAL MATERIALS, v.37, no.5, pp.758 - 771, 2021-05

    A new image-quality evaluating and enhancing methodology for bridge inspection using an unmanned aerial vehicle

    Lee, Jin Hwan; Yoon, Sungsik; Kim, Byunghyun; et al, SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS, v.27, no.2, pp.209 - 226, 2021-02

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