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A reference-free micro defect visualization using pulse laser scanning thermography and image processing

Yang, Jinyeol; Choi, Jaemook; Hwang, Soonkyu; An, Yun-Kyu; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.27, no.8, 2016-07

Autonomous mobile lock-in thermography system for detecting and quantifying voids in liquefied natural gas cargo tank second barrier

Lee, Sangmin; Lim, Hyung Jin; Sohn, Hoonresearcher; Yun, Wonjun; Song, Eunha, STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, v.16, no.3, pp.276 - 290, 2017-05

Chip Crack Imaging Detection Based on Line Laser Phase-Locked Thermal Imaging

Ying, Xu; Wang Qingyuan; Luo Congcong; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, LASER & OPTOELECTRONICS PROGRESS, v.57, no.6, 2020-03

Fiber distribution evaluation using digital image processing and its effect on tensile behavior of fiber reinforced cement composites = 이미지 프로세싱 기반 섬유 분포 특성 평가 및 섬유 분포 특성이 시멘트 복합체의 인장거동에 미치는 영향link

Lee, Bang-Yeon; 이방연; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Visualization and classification of hidden defects in triplex composites used in LNG carriers by active thermography

Hwang, Soonkyu; Jeon, Ikgeun; Han, Gayoung; Sohn, Hoonresearcher; Yun, Wonjun, SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS, v.24, no.6, pp.803 - 812, 2019-12

개선된 이진화와 형상분석 기법을 응용한 콘크리트 표면 균열의 화상처리 알고리즘 개발

김진근researcher; 김윤용; 이방연, 콘크리트학회 논문집, v.17, no.3, pp.361 - 368, 2005-06

섬유의 방향성이 강섬유 보강 초고강도 콘크리트의 휨거동 특성에 미치는 영향

김윤용; 김진근researcher; 이방연; 강수태, 콘크리트학회 논문집, v.20, no.6, pp.731 - 739, 2008-12

콘크리트 표면 균열 검출 및 분석을 위한 휴대용 균열폭 측정 장치의 개발 = Development of portable crack measuring instrument for the cracks of concrete surfacelink

임창근; Lim, Chang-Keun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2007

콘크리트 표면 균열 패턴인식 기법 개발

박연동; 김진근researcher; 이방연, 콘크리트학회 논문집, v.17, no.3, pp.369 - 374, 2005-06


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