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Structural displacement estimation using accelerometer and FMCW millimeter wave radar

Ma, Zhanxiong; Choi, Jaemook; Yang, Liu; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.182, 2023-01

Precise orientation control of a liquid crystal organic semiconductor via anisotropic surface treatment

Han, Moon Jong; Wei, Dayan; Yun, Hee Seong; Lee, Seong-hun; Ahn, Hyungju; Walba, David M.; Shin, Tae Joo; et al, NPG ASIA MATERIALS, v.14, no.1, 2022-12

Spatial immune heterogeneity of hypoxia-induced exhausted features in high-grade glioma

Kim, A-Reum; Choi, Seong Jin; Park, Junsik; Kwon, Minsuk; Chowdhury, Tamrin; Yu, Hyeon Jong; Kim, Sojin; et al, ONCOIMMUNOLOGY, v.11, no.1, 2022-12

Structural and functional characterization of a monoclonal antibody blocking TIGIT

Jeong, Bo-Seong; Nam, Hyemi; Lee, Jeewon; Park, Hye-Young; Cho, Ki Joon; Sheen, Joong Hyuk; Song, Eunjung; et al, MABS, v.14, no.1, 2022-12

Computational design of a neutralizing antibody with picomolar binding affinity for all concerning SARS-CoV-2 variants

Jeong, Bo-Seong; Cha, Jeong Seok; Hwang, Insu; Kim, Uijin; Adolf-Bryfogle, Jared; Coventry, Brian; Cho, Hyun-Soo; et al, MABS, v.14, no.1, 2022-12

Physically driven enhancement of the stability of Bi2O3-based ionic conductors via grain boundary engineering

Jeong, Incheol; Jeong, Seung Jin; Yun, Byung-Hyun; Lee, Jong-Won; Lee, Chan-Woo; Jung, WooChulresearcher; Lee, Kang Taekresearcher, NPG ASIA MATERIALS, v.14, no.1, 2022-12

The differential effects of basic research on firm R&D productivity: The conditioning role of technological diversification

Choi, Jin-Uk; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, TECHNOVATION, v.118, 2022-12

Interface-Sensitized Chemiresistor: Integrated Conductive and Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks

Cho, Sujee; Park, Chungseong; Jeon, Mingyu; Lee, Jae Hwa; Kwon, Ohmin; Seong, Seoyeon; Kim, Jihanresearcher; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.449, 2022-12

When does AI pay off? AI-adoption intensity, complementary investments, and R&D strategy

Lee, Yong Suk; Kim, Taekyun; Choi, Sukwoong; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, TECHNOVATION, v.118, 2022-12

Reversible electro-mediated cesium ion removal using a zeolitic imidazolate framework derived zinc hexacyanoferrate composite

Kim, Hyunjung; Eom, Ho Hyeon; Kim, Yonghwan; Harbottle, David; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.450, no.Part2, 2022-12

Neural network-assisted optimization of segmented thermoelectric power generators using active learning based on a genetic optimization algorithm

Demeke, Wabi; Kim, Yongtae; Jung, Jiyoung; Chung, Jaywan; Ryu, Byungki; Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher, ENERGY REPORTS, v.8, pp.6633 - 6644, 2022-11

Deep learning based cough detection camera using enhanced features

Lee, Gyeong-Tae; Nam, Hyeonuk; Kim, Seong-Hu; Choi, Sang-Min; Kim, Youngkey; Park, Yong-Hwaresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.206, 2022-11

Highly active and stable catalyst with exsolved PtRu alloy nanoparticles for hydrogen production via commercial diesel reforming

Lee, Jaemyung; Yeon, Changho; Oh, Jiwoo; Han, Gwangwoo; Do Yoo, Jeong; Yun, Hyung Joong; Lee, Chan-Woo; et al, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, v.316, 2022-11

The effect of emotion in thumbnails and titles of video clips on pre-roll advertising effectiveness

Li, Yiling; Kim, Hye-jinresearcher; Do, Boram; Choi, Jeonghye, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, v.151, pp.232 - 243, 2022-11

Catalytic ozonation with vanadium oxide-doped TiO2 nanoparticles for the removal of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate

Tak, Hyelyeon; Chung, Youngkun; Kim, Ga-Yeong; Kim, Hyojeon; Lee, Jiseon; Kang, Jungwan; Do, Quoc Cuong; et al, CHEMOSPHERE, v.306, 2022-11

Mechanistic insight into collectively exhaustive CoPi-NPC nanosheets for oxygen reduction reaction and Zn-air battery

Thangasamy, Pitchai; Oh, Saewoong; Randriamahazaka, Hyacinthe; Nam, Sanghee; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, v.316, 2022-11

Mechanism design for data reliability improvement through network-based reasoning model

Kyeong, Nohkyumresearcher; Nam, Kihwan, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.205, 2022-11

Optogenetic tools for microbial synthetic biology

Chia, Natalie; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Tong, Yaojun, BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, v.59, 2022-10

Surface hydration of fibrous filters by using water-absorbing metal-organic frameworks for efficient ultrafine particulate matter removal

Koo, Won-Tae; Hong, Youngsun; Joung, Daeha; Kim, Chanhoon, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.446, 2022-10

Iterative redox activation promotes interfacial synergy in an Ag/CuxO catalyst for oxygen reduction

Park, Youngtae; Shin, Kihyun; Lee, Changsoo; Lee, Sang-Yeon; Lee, Yong-Kul; Kim, Chang-Hee; Cho, Hyun-Seok; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.446, 2022-10

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