Design of a neurofuzzy algorithm-based shared controller for telerobot systems

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This paper proposes a novel design method of a shared controller for telerobot systems. A shared controller can enlarge a reflected force by combining force reflection and compliance control. However, the maximum boundary of the force reflection gain guaranteeing the stability greatly depends upon characteristics of the elements in the system such as; a master arm which is combined with the human operator's hand, the environments where the slave arm contacts and the compliance controller. In normal practice, it is therefore, very difficult to determine such a maximum boundary of the gain. To overcome this difficulty, the paper proposes a force reflection gain-selecting algorithm based on neural network and fuzzy logic features. The method estimates characteristic of the master arm and the environments by using neural networks, and then, determines the force reflection gain from the estimated characteristics by using fuzzy logic. The algorithm can work in an on-line manner, and can be easily applied to any telerobot system because it requires no a priori knowledge on the system. The effectiveness of the proposed control scheme is verified through a series of experiments using a laboratory-made telerobot system.
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