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Turbulent structures in an optimal Taylor-Couette flow between concentric counter-rotating cylinders

Jalalabadi, Razieh; Kim, Jongmin; Sung, Hyung JinresearcherTAYLOR & FRANCIS LTDJOURNAL OF TURBULENCE, v.18, no.5, pp.480 - 496, 2017


Vibration damping using a spiral acoustic black hole

Lee, Jae Yeon; Jeon, WonjuresearcherACOUSTICAL SOC AMER AMER INST PHYSICSJOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, v.141, no.3, pp.1437 - 1445, 2017-03


A novel sol-gel coating method for fabricating dense layers on porous surfaces particularly for metal-supported SOFC electrolyte

Lee, Kunho; Kang, Juhyun; Jin, Sangbeom; Lee, Sanghun; Bae, JoongmyeonresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.42, no.9, pp.6220 - 6230, 2017-03


Energy harvesting performance and flow structure of an oscillating hydrofoil with finite span

Kim, Daegyoumresearcher; Strom, Benjamin; Mandre, Shreyas; Breuer, KennethACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDJOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, v.70, pp.314 - 326, 2017-04


Two-resonance probe for measuring electron density in low-pressure plasmas

Kim, DW; You, SJ; Kim, SJ; Kim, JH; Oh, Wang-YuhlresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDPLASMA SOURCES SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.26, no.4, 2017-04


User-driven treadmill using walking speed estimated from plantar pressure sensor

Cha, M; Han, Soonhungresearcher; Kim, H; Mun, DINST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IETELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.53, no.8, pp.524 - U12, 2017-04


Robust, low-noise, polarization-maintaining mode-locked Er-fiber laser with a planar lightwave circuit (PLC) device as a multi-functional element

Kim, Chur; Kwon, Dohyeon; Kim, Dohyun; Choi, Sun Young; Cha, Sang Jun; Choi, Ki Sun; Yeom, Dong-Il; Rotermund, Fabian; Kim, JungwonOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS LETTERS, v.42, no.8, pp.1472 - 1475, 2017-04


Sub-Beam Size Temperature Measurement of Heavily Doped Silicon Heater Using Two-Wavelength Thermoreflectance Microscopy

Rho, Jinsung; Lee, Bong JaeresearcherASMEJOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.139, no.5, 2017-05


The MITC4+shell element in geometric nonlinear analysis

Ko, Yeong Bin; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher; Bathe, Klaus-JurgenPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDCOMPUTERS & STRUCTURES, v.185, pp.1 - 14, 2017-06


Modified transfer path analysis considering transmissibility functions for accurate estimation of vibration source

Kim, Ba-Leum; Jung, Jin-Young; Oh, Il-KwonresearcherACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.398, pp.70 - 83, 2017-06


Effect of active noise control and masking sound on speech intelligibility

Kim, Youngseok; Park, YoungjinresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDAPPLIED ACOUSTICS, v.123, pp.152 - 157, 2017-08


The Effect of EN Ratio and Current on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Weld Joined by AC-GMAW on Square Groove Butt Joints

Ikram, Adeel; Chung, HyunresearcherMDPI AGApplied Sciences-Basel, v.7, no.3, 2017-03


A manufacturing process using the infrared ray local heating method for seat cross members

Lee, Eun Ho; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Yoon, Jeong Whan; Yang, Woo-HoSPRINGER LONDON LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.89, no.9-12, pp.3299 - 3305, 2017-04


Two-Stage Surrogate Assisted Differential Evolution for Optimization of a Non-Circular Drawing Sequence

Pholdee, Nantiwat; Bureerat, Sujin; Baek, Hyun Moo; Im, Yong-TaekresearcherKOREAN SOC PRECISION ENGINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING, v.18, no.4, pp.567 - 573, 2017-04


Effect of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and multiple injections on diesel soot nano-structure and reactivity

Rohani, Behzad; Bae, ChoongsikresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, v.116, pp.160 - 169, 2017-04


Development of a new foam machining process using rotary hot tool: system and experiment

Kim, Hyochan; Yang, Dong YolresearcherSPRINGER LONDON LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.89, no.9-12, pp.3369 - 3378, 2017-04


Development of a new foam machining using rotary hot tool: modeling and simulation

Kim, Hyochan; Yang, Dong YolresearcherSPRINGER LONDON LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.89, no.9-12, pp.3359 - 3368, 2017-04


Process design of combined deep drawing and electromagnetic sharp edge forming of DP980 steel sheet

Choi, M. K.; Huh, H.; Park, NamsuELSEVIER SCIENCE SAJOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, v.244, pp.331 - 343, 2017-06


Improvement of diesel combustion with multiple injections at cold condition in a constant volume combustion chamber

Hwang, Joonsik; Park, Youngsoo; Kim, Kihyun; Lee, Jinwoo; Bae, ChoongsikresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDFUEL, v.197, pp.528 - 540, 2017-06


Acoustothermal tweezer for droplet sorting in a disposable microfluidic chip

Park, Jinsoo; Jung, Jin Ho; Destgeer, Ghulam; Ahmed, Husnain; Park, Kwangseok; Sung, Hyung JinresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYLAB ON A CHIP, v.17, no.6, pp.1031 - 1040, 2017

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