Nationality vs. Discipline Factor - Influence on user participation in ux research _ case study: comparing korean-vietnamese and design-engineering on generative session technique = 국가적 문화와 개인적 직업요인이 사용자경험 연구에 미치는 영향 비교 _ 사례연구: 아이디어 도출단계에서 한국-베트남, 디자인-공학사이의 비교를 중심으로

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In the recent years, design and UX research have developed a long way in investigating about the users and their context. Along that path, understanding user latent experience (ULX) has become the contemporary focus for many UX researches. ‘Generative Session’ technique, one of the prominent approaches for acquiring this knowledge, was depicted to contain some inefficiency and unreliability in data collection upon applied in non-original-national contexts (in this case, Korea and Vietnam). However, the causes of this matter were suspected that it was not only due to the national cultural difference but also due to the influence of different discipline. Moreover, the effects of discipline would possibly override those of national culture. This study was conducted to clarify the dominant source of bias to research results-user participation of ULX research method (in this case, ‘Generative Session’ technique). It was aimed to challenge the way ‘cross-culture influence’ has been considered in design research field: should there be better way than profiling users solely based on nationality in multi-national research project for product specification. The outcome will contribute in the understanding and debate for contemporary product/business development: globalization or localization. The study was conducted through a customized package of ‘Generative Sessions’ containing two tasks and several supporting questionnaires. The construction of two-task test was to observe the user response in different levels of task complexity. The user generated results were analyzed in qualitative- content analysis framework. The qualitative analysis data from main test were combined with the data from evaluation and the pretest questionnaires to be meta-analyzed with statistical quantitative methods. Major findings through this research included (1) Nationality factor influenced remarkably on user performance but not much on user attitude. In contrast, discipline factor ...
Lee, Kun-pyoresearcher이건표researcher
한국과학기술원 : 산업디자인학과,
Issue Date
301928/325007  / 020064321

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 산업디자인학과, 2008. 8., [ vi, 100 p. ]


design research methodology; generative session; cross culture; 디자인연구방법론; 아이디어 도출단계; 문화연구; design research methodology; generative session; cross culture; 디자인연구방법론; 아이디어 도출단계; 문화연구

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