Case and constraint-based apartment construction project planning system: FASTrak-APT

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To effectively generate a fast and consistent apartment construction project network, Hyundai and KAIST have developed a case and constraint based project planning expert system for apartment domain, FASTrak-APT, inspired by the fact that human expert project planner uses previous cases for planning a new project and modifies them using her/his knowledge on domain constraints. This large-scale, case based and mixed-initiative planning system integrated with intensive constraint-based adaptation utilizes compensating incomplete cases imbedding specific planning knowledge. The case and constraint based architecture inherently supports cross-checking cased with constraints during the system develpoment and maintencace. This system has drastically reduced the time and effort required for initial project planning, improved the quality and completeness of the generated plans, and is expected to give the company the competitive advantage in contract bids for new contracts.
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the 1997 9th Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, pp.861 - 866

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