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Knowledge management and virtual organizations minitrack

Kim, Young-Gul; Lee, Heeseokresearcher; Han, IngooresearcherIEEE35th Annual Hawaii International Conference v. no. pp.2540 - 2541, 2002-01 View PDF (266kb)


정보시스템 아웃소싱의 성공을 위한 인과모형에 관한 연구 :구조방정식모형 접근방법

이재남; 김영걸researcher한국지능정보시스템학회한국지능정보시스템학회 학술대회 v. no. , 1998-05 View PDF (153kb)


비즈니스 양식을 이용한 레거시 시스템 역공학

유천수; 이희석researcher한국경영정보학회한국경영정보학회 추계학술대회 v. no. pp.333 - 342, 1998


Validation of the Knowledge Management Stage Model: A Triangulation Approach

Lee, Dae Young; Kim, Young-GulresearcherHawaii International Conference on System Science v. no.1530-1605 pp.253a - 253a, 2005-01 View PDF (142kb)


과학기술혁신정책 분류체계 확립에 관한 연구: NIS 개념에 근거하여

성태경; 김준규; 류태수; 김병근; 이공래; 조성표; 이공래; 황정태; 배종태researcher; 김영배; 박규호; 임채성기술경영경제학회기술경영경제학회 학술발표회, v.15, no.2, pp.211 - 235, 2007-12 View PDF (341kb)


이동전화 서비스의 고객 만족도와 서비스 품질에 관한 연구

이승규researcher; 라준영; Rhee, Seung-Kyuresearcher; Rha, June-Young한국경영과학회한국경영과학회 2000 추계학술대회, pp.310 - 313, 2000-01 View PDF (355kb)


On Additional Credit Spreads Caused by Jump Risks of the Default Rate

Ahn, Chang Mo; Kang, Jangkooresearcher; Kim, Hwa-Sung한국증권학회한국증권학회 4차 정기학술발표회, pp.1 - 20, 2003-10 View PDF (196kb)


A Form Driven Object-Oriented Reverse Engineering Methodology

Lee, Heeseokresearcher; oo, CheonsooDecision Sciences Institute5th International DSI conference, pp.1059 - 1061, 1999


Critical Role Structures in Technological Innovation Procss in Korea : A Contingency Approach

Kim, Young-Baeresearcher; Shim, DuksupAcademy of Management2004 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2004-08 View PDF (264kb)


이동통신 기지국 공용화의 경제적 효과 분석

안병훈researcher; 박용삼; 최병삼한국경영과학회한국경영과학회 1999 춘계 학술대회, v.1, pp.251 - 252, 1999-04 View PDF (65kb)


Prediction of 1-year Graft Survival Rates in Kidney Transplantation: A Bayesian Network Model

Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Kwon, Jae-Won; Lee, Yung-SupThe Korean Operations Research and Management Science SocietyINFORMS-KORMS International conference, Seoul 2000, pp.505 - 513, 2000 View PDF (57kb)


Approximate query answering approach based on data abstraction and fuzzy relation

Huh, Soon-Youngresearcher; Moon, Kae-HyunThe Korean Operations Research and Management Science SocietyINFORMS-KORMS, pp.2057 - 2065, 2000-06 View PDF (485kb)


American Options Valuation with Diffusion Equations

Kim, Byung-Chunresearcher; Oh, SeungYoung한국증권학회; 한국증권학회한국증권학회 학술발표회, 2003 View PDF (451kb)


사모투자펀드의 은행 소유와 거래기업의 장단기 성과에 관한 연구

박광우researcher; 박래수; 정광선; 김경민한국증권학회; Korean Securities Association한국증권학회 2006년 제 4차 학술발표회, 2006 View PDF (1352kb)


투자-현금흐름 민감도 분석: 기업지배구조와 관계금융의 영향을 중심으로

박광우researcher; 박래수; 윤석현한국증권학회; Korean Securities Association한국증권학회 2005년 제 2차 학술발표회, 2005 View PDF (336kb)


Fuzzy associative memory-driven approach to knowledge integration

Kim, Myoung-Jong; Han, Ingooresearcher; Lee, Kun ChangIEEEProceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Fuzzy Systems Conference, FUZZ-IEEE'99, pp.298 - 303, 1999-08-22 View PDF (442kb)


Bank Capital Regulation and Credit Supply

Hyun, Jung-Soonresearcher; Rhee, Byung KunKorean Securities Association2nd Proceeding of Korean Securities Association, 2006, 2006 View PDF (246kb)


Model development for customer satisfaction improvement projects through Quality Function Deployment(QFD)

Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Kim, Kwang JaeDecision Sciences Institute5th International Conference of the Decision Science Institute, pp.1780 - 1782, 1999-07 View PDF (234kb)


The impact of external environment and technological learning system on the relationship between technological alliance and performance of Korean small telecom firms

Bae, Zong-Taeresearcher; Chung Jin-wooIEEEPortland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET), pp.278 -, 2001-07-29 View PDF (945kb)


The Analytical Valuation of American Average Rate Options

Kim, Byung-Chunresearcher; Oh, Seung YoungAsian Finance AssociationAsian Finance Association (Asian FA) Conference, 2004 View PDF (946kb)

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