Measurement of mechanical properties and residual stresses of bridged gold films and circular gold membranes

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dc.identifier.citationKey Engineering Materials, Vol. 326-328, no.1, pp. 227-232en
dc.description.abstractIn order to measure the mechanical properties of gold films on silicon substrate, two types of specimens, i.e., bridged films and circular membranes, are manufactured. Using a wedge tip, the bridged gold films are indented so that the films are pushed off, which is called as V-peel test. The load-deflection curves obtained by the V-peel test are analyzed with the concept of geometrically nonlinear beam by using the minimum potential energy theory together with Ritz method. Thus, Young’s modulus and residual stress of the bridged gold films are obtained. Blister test is also conducted to measure the Young’s modulus and residual stress of a circular gold membrane, of which deformation is measured by Twyman-Green interferometer. By gradually increasing the external pressure applied on the membrane, the interfacial fracture toughness between the gold membrane and silicon substrate is measured based on the concepts of interfacial fracture mechanics.en
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dc.titleMeasurement of mechanical properties and residual stresses of bridged gold films and circular gold membranesen
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