Y-Jet 노즐을 통한 저점도 액체의 유량 및 입경예측에 관한 연구 Prediction of Flow Rate and Drop Size of Low Viscosity Liquid Through Y-Jet Atomizers

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This paper introduces empirical correlations to obtain the gas/liquid flow rates and the spray drop size of low viscosity liquid injected by Y-jet twin-fluid atomizers. The gas flow rate is well correlated with the gas injection pressure and the mixing point pressure, based on the compressible flow theory. Similarly, the liquid flow rate is determined by the liquid injection pressure and the mixing point pressure, and a simple correlation for the liquid discharge coefficient at the liquid port was deduced from the experimental results. The mixing point pressure, which is one of the essential parameters, was expressed in terms of the gas/liquid flow rate ratio and the mixing port length. Disintegration and atomization mechanisms both within the mixing port and outside the atomizer were carefully re-examined, and a "basic" correlation form representing the mean diameter of drops was proposed. The "basic" correlation was expressed in terms of the mean gas density within the mixing port, gas/liquid mass flow rate ratio and the Weber number. Though the correlation is somewhat complicated, it represents the experimental data within an accuracy of ${\pm}15%$.EX>${\pm}15%$</TEX>.
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