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Yun, Huitaek (윤희택)
조교수, Department of Mechanical Engineering(기계공학과)
Research Area
Smart Manufacturing, Manufacturing Systems, Manufacturing Processes
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    Autoencoder-based anomaly detection of industrial robot arm using stethoscope based internal sound sensor

    Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Kim, Hanjun; Jeong, Young Hun; et al, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING, v.34, no.3, pp.1427 - 1444, 2023-03

    Continuous coaxial nozzle designs for improved powder focusing in direct laser metal deposition

    Gabor, Theodore; Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Akin, Semih; et al, JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, v.83, pp.116 - 128, 2022-11

    Enhanced Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerators and Sensors via Cold Spray Particle Deposition

    Kim, Young Won; Akin, Semih; Yun, Huitaekresearcher; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.14, no.41, pp.46410 - 46420, 2022-10

    Calibration of industrial robots with spherical joint using single wire encoder

    Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Jeon, Heungki; Yang, Seunghan; et al, MANUFACTURING LETTERS, v.33, pp.46 - 50, 2022-08

    Machining sound analysis for the effects of fiber bending on cutting mechanisms during carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite milling

    Song, Kyeongeun; Kim, Gyuho; Yun, Huitaekresearcher; et al, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.241, 2022-07

    Development of robotic bin picking platform with cluttered objects using human guidance and convolutional neural network (CNN)

    Park, Jinho; Jun, Martin B. G.; Yun, Huitaekresearcher, JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, v.63, pp.539 - 549, 2022-04

    Immersive and interactive cyber-physical system ((ICPS)-C-2) and virtual reality interface for human involved robotic manufacturing

    Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Jun, Martin B. G., JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, v.62, pp.234 - 248, 2022-01

    Effect of Au-Coating on the Laser Spot Cutting on Spring Contact Probe (SCP) for Semi-Conductor Inspection

    Seo, Youngjin; Nam, Jungsoo; Yun, Huitaekresearcher; et al, MATERIALS, v.14, no.12, 2021-06

    Flame-Assisted Spray Pyrolysis Using an Annular Flame Nozzle with Decoupled Velocity Control

    Rukosuyev, Maxym; Baciar, Syed; Nam, Jungsoo; et al, JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING AND MATERIALS PROCESSING, v.2, no.4, 2018-12

    A Review on Optical Fiber Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

    Joe, Hang-Eun; Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Jo, Seung-Hwan; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING-GREEN TECHNOLOGY, v.5, no.1, pp.173 - 191, 2018-01

    Fabrication of a Screw-Shaped Long-Period Fiber Grating for Refractive Index Sensing

    Cho, Yonghyun; Ahmed, Farid; Joe, Hang-Eun; et al, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.29, no.24, pp.2242 - 2245, 2017-12

    Pixel-by-pixel absolute three-dimensional shape measurement with modified Fourier transform profilometry

    Yun, Huitaekresearcher; Li, Beiwen; Zhang, Song, APPLIED OPTICS, v.56, no.5, pp.1472 - 1480, 2017-02

    Ploughing detection in micromilling processes using the cutting force signal

    Yun, Hui Taekresearcher; Heo, Segon; Lee, Min Kyu; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MACHINE TOOLS & MANUFACTURE, v.51, no.5, pp.377 - 382, 2011-05

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