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Lee, Dae-Young (이대영)
조교수, (항공우주공학과)
Research Area
Origami Engineering, Soft Robotics, Smart Material
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    A Wearable Textile-Embedded Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Haptic Display

    Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Jeong, Seung Hee; Cohen, Andy J.; et al, SOFT ROBOTICS, v.9, no.6, pp.1186 - 1197, 2022-12

    Batch-Sprayed and Stamp-Transferred Electrodes: A New Paradigm for Scalable Fabrication of Multilayer Dielectric Elastomer Actuators

    Cohen, Andy J.; Kollosche, Matthias; Yuen, Michelle C.; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.32, no.43, 2022-10

    High-load capacity origami transformable wheel

    Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Kim, Jae-Kyeong; Sohn, Chang-Young; et al, SCIENCE ROBOTICS, v.6, no.53, 2021-04

    Morphing Origami Block for Lightweight Reconfigurable System

    Kim, Sa-Reum; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Ahn, Sang-Joon; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS, v.37, no.2, pp.494 - 505, 2021-04

    Tendon-Driven Jamming Mechanism for Configurable Variable Stiffness

    Choi, Jaehyeok; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Eo, Jun-Hyeok; et al, SOFT ROBOTICS, v.8, no.1, pp.109 - 118, 2021-02

    Ladybird beetle-inspired compliant origami

    Baek, Sang-Min; Yim, Sojung; Chae, Soo-Hwan; et al, SCIENCE ROBOTICS, v.5, no.41, 2020-04

    Bioinspired dual-morphing stretchable origami

    Kim, Woongbae; Byun, Junghwan; Kim, Jae-Kyeong; et al, SCIENCE ROBOTICS, v.4, no.36, 2019-11

    Development of Efficiency Enhanced Scotch Yoke Mechanism for Robotic Fish

    Kwon, Seok-Ryung; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Jeong, Useok; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING, v.19, no.10, pp.1507 - 1513, 2018-10

    An origami-inspired, self-locking robotic arm that can be folded flat

    Kim, Suk-Jun; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Jung, Gwang-Pil; et al, SCIENCE ROBOTICS, v.3, no.16, 2018-03

    유연 소재 기반 로봇의 강성 조절을 위한 구조 결합 기반 이중 강성

    최재혁; 이대영researcher; 조규진, 로봇학회 논문지, v.12, no.3, pp.263 - 269, 2017-09

    Origami Wheel Transformer: A Variable-Diameter Wheel Drive Robot Using an Origami Structure

    Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Kim, Sa-Reum; Kim, Ji-Suk; et al, SOFT ROBOTICS, v.4, no.2, pp.163 - 180, 2017-06

    Development and assessment of a hand assist device: GRIPIT

    Kim, Byungchul; In, Hyunki; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROENGINEERING AND REHABILITATION, v.14, 2017-02

    Development of a Multi-functional soft robot (SNUMAX) and Performance in robosoft grand challenge

    Lee, Jun-Young; Kang, Brian Byunghyun; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; et al, FRONTIERS IN ROBOTICS AND AI, v.3, 2016-10

    Anisotropic Patterning to Reduce Instability of Concentric-Tube Robots

    Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Kim, Jongwoo; Kim, Ji-Suk; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS, v.31, no.6, pp.1311 - 1323, 2015-12

    Fabrication of Composite and Sheet Metal Laminated Bistable Jumping Mechanism

    Jung, Sun-Pill; Jung, Gwang-Pil; Koh, Je-Sung; et al, JOURNAL OF MECHANISMS AND ROBOTICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.7, no.2, 2015-05

    종이 접기 구조를 활용한 단일 구동기 보행 로봇의 설계, 제작 및 분석

    김태연; 이석훈; 이기중; et al, 한국정밀공학회지, v.32, no.1, pp.97 - 105, 2015-01

    Component assembly with shape memory polymer fastener for microrobots

    Kim, Ji-Suk; Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Koh, Je-Sung; et al, SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, v.23, no.1, 2014-01

    Deformable-wheel Robot based on Soft Material

    Lee, Dae-Youngresearcher; Koh, Je-Sung; Kim, Ji-Suk; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING, v.14, no.8, pp.1439 - 1445, 2013-08

    Sensorless displacement estimation of a shape memory alloy coil spring actuator using inductance

    Kim, Hongjip; Han, Yongsu; Lee, Dae-youngresearcher; et al, SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, v.22, no.2, 2013-02

    복합 재료와 형상 기억 합금 코일 스프링 구동기를 이용한 유연하게 변형 가능한 바퀴 로봇의 설계 및 제작

    고제성; 이대영researcher; 김지석; et al, 한국정밀공학회지, v.30, no.1, pp.47 - 52, 2013-01

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