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Han, Jiyoung (한지영)
조교수, (문술미래전략대학원)
Research Area
Media Effects, Journalism, New Media
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    Others Are to Blame: Whom People Consider Responsible for Online Misinformation

    Lima, Gabriel; Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Cha, Meeyoungresearcher, Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, v.6, no.CSCW1, 2022-04

    QAnon shifts into the mainstream, remains a far-right ally

    Zihiri, Saifeldeen; Lima, Gabriel; Han, Jiyoungresearcher; et al, HELIYON, v.8, no.2, 2022-02

    COVID-19 Discourse on Twitter in Four Asian Countries: Case Study of Risk Communication

    Park, Sungkyu; Han, Sungwon; Kim, Jeongwook; et al, JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH, v.23, no.3, 2021-03

    Defeating Merchants of Doubt: Subjective certainty and self-affirmation ameliorate attitude polarization via partisan motivated reasoning

    Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Kim, Yungwook, PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE, v.29, no.7, pp.729 - 744, 2020-10

    The Polarizing Effect of News Framing: Comparing the Mediating Roles of Motivated Reasoning, Self-stereotyping, and Intergroup Animus

    Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Federico, Christopher M., JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION, v.68, no.4, pp.685 - 711, 2018-08

    Eye Movement Patterns in Response to Anti-Binge Drinking Messages

    Yzer, Marco; Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Choi, Kelvin, HEALTH COMMUNICATION, v.33, no.12, pp.1454 - 1461, 2018

    Conflict-Framed News, Self-Categorization, and Partisan Polarization

    Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Federico, Christopher M., MASS COMMUNICATION AND SOCIETY, v.20, no.4, pp.455 - 480, 2017

    Partisan Self-Stereotyping: Testing the Salience Hypothesis in a Prediction of Political Polarization

    Han, Jiyoungresearcher; Wackman, Daniel B., INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION, v.11, pp.603 - 625, 2017

    A Comparative Study of the Accuracy of Quotation-Embedded Headlines in Chosun Ilbo and The New York Times from 1989 to 2009

    Han Jiyoungresearcher; Lee, Gunho, KOREA JOURNAL, v.53, no.1, pp.65 - 90, 2013

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