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Kwon, Kyeongha (권경하)
조교수, (전기및전자공학부)
Research Area
Analog/Mixed-mode Integrated Circuit, Bio-Integrated Microsystem, Low-power, high-speed wireline transceiver
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    Intelligent block copolymer self-assembly towards IoT hardware components

    Yang, Geon Gug; Choi, Hee Jae; Li, Sheng; et al, Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering, 2024-02

    Soft, full Wheatstone bridge 3D pressure sensors for cardiovascular monitoring

    Park, Yoonseok; Luan, Haiwen; Kwon, Kyeongha; et al, NPJ FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS, v.8, no.1, 2024-01

    Implantable Self-Reporting Stents for Detecting In-Stent Restenosis and Cardiac Functional Dynamics

    Oyunbaatar, Nomin-Erdene; Kim, Dong-Su; Shanmugasundaram, Arunkumar; et al, ACS SENSORS, v.8, no.12, pp.4542 - 4553, 2023-12

    Continuous monitoring of cardiovascular function with a smart stent incorporating a flexible and stretchable wireless pressure sensor

    Oyunbaatar, Nomin-Erdene; Shanmugasundaram, Arunkumar; Kwon, Kyeongha; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.33, no.11, 2023-09

    Liquid dielectric layer-based microfluidic capacitive sensor for wireless pressure monitoring

    Munirathinam, Karthikeyan; Kwon, Kyeongha; Park, Jongsung; et al, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, v.357, 2023-08

    A battery-less wireless implant for the continuous monitoring of vascular pressure, flow rate and temperature

    Kwon, Kyeongha; Kim, Jong Uk; Won, Sang Min; et al, NATURE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, v.7, no.10, pp.1215 - 1228, 2023-04

    A wireless and battery-less implant for multimodal closed-loop neuromodulation in small animals

    Ouyang, Wei; Lu, Wei; Zhang, Yamin; et al, NATURE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, v.7, no.10, pp.1252 - 1269, 2023-04

    Wireless, Soft Sensors of Skin Hydration with Designs Optimized for Rapid, Accurate Diagnostics of Dermatological Health

    Shin, Jaeho; Wang, Heling; Kwon, Kyeongha; et al, ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS, v.12, no.4, 2023-02

    Bioresorbable, wireless, and battery-free system for electrotherapy and impedance sensing at wound sites

    Song, Joseph W.; Ryu, Hanjun; Bai, Wubin; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.9, no.8, 2023-02

    Soft skin-interfaced mechano-acoustic sensors for real-time monitoring and patient feedback on respiratory and swallowing biomechanics

    Kang, Youn J.; Arafa, Hany M.; Yoo, Jae-Young; et al, NPJ DIGITAL MEDICINE, v.5, no.1, 2022-09

    Measurement of Blood Pressure via a Skin-Mounted, Non-Invasive Pressure Sensor

    Li, Shupeng; Park, Yoonseok; Luan, Haiwen; et al, JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.88, no.10, 2022-07

    Battery-free, wireless soft sensors for continuous multi-site measurements of pressure and temperature from patients at risk for pressure injuries

    Oh, Yong Suk; Kim, Jae-Hwan; Xie, Zhaoqian; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-08

    Wireless, Accumulation Mode Dosimeters for Monitoring Pulsed and Non-Pulsed Germicidal Lamps

    Heo, Seung Yun; Kwon, Kyeongha; Chan, Michelle; et al, IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, v.21, no.17, pp.18706 - 18714, 2021-07

    Differential cardiopulmonary monitoring system for artifact-canceled physiological tracking of athletes, workers, and COVID-19 patients

    Jeong, Hyoyoung; Lee, Jong Yoon; Lee, KunHyuck; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.20, 2021-05

    Real-Time UV Measurement With a Sun Protection System for Warning Young Adults About Sunburn: Prospective Cohort Study

    Robinson, June K; Patel, Shiv; Heo, Seung Yun; et al, JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH, v.9, no.5, pp.e25895, 2021-05

    Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids

    Park, Yoonseok; Franz, Colin K.; Ryu, Hanjun; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.12, 2021-03

    Wireless, implantable catheter-type oximeter designed for cardiac oxygen saturation

    Lu, Wei; Bai, Wubin; Zhang, Hao; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.7, pp.eabe0579, 2021-02

    Wireless, soft electronics for rapid, multisensor measurements of hydration levels in healthy and diseased skin

    Kwon, Kyeongha; Wang, Heling; Lim, Jaeman; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.118, no.5, pp.e202039811, 2021-01

    Wireless sensors for continuous, multimodal measurements at the skin interface with lower limb prostheses

    Kwak, Jean Won; Han, Mengdi; Xie, Zhaoqian; et al, SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, v.12, no.574, 2020-12

    Wireless, skin-interfaced sensors for compression therapy

    Park, Yoonseok; Kwon, Kyeongha; Kwak, Sung Soo; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.6, no.49, 2020-12

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