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Park, Young-Gyun (박영균)
조교수, (바이오및뇌공학과)
Research Area
Tool development for Biological Science, Brain Mapping, Brain disease
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    Towards multiplexed immunofluorescence of 3D tissues

    Cho, Wonjin; Kim, Sehun; Park, Young-Gyun, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.16, no.1, 2023-05

    Visuomotor anomalies in achiasmatic mice expressing a transfer-defective Vax1 mutant

    Min, Kwang Wook; Kim, Namsuk; Lee, Jae Hoon; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.55, no.2, pp.385 - 400, 2023-02

    Brain-wide mapping reveals that engrams for a single memory are distributed across multiple brain regions

    Roy, Dheeraj S.; Park, Young-Gyun; Kim, Minyoung E.; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.13, no.1, 2022-04

    Handheld laser scanning microscope catheter for real-time and in vivo confocal microscopy using a high definition high frame rate Lissajous MEMS mirror

    Jeon, Jaehun; Kim, Hyunwoo; Jang, Hyunwoo; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.13, no.3, pp.1497 - 1505, 2022-03

    Cellular anatomy of the mouse primary motor cortex

    Munoz-Castaneda, Rodrigo; Zingg, Brian; Matho, Katherine S.; et al, NATURE, v.598, no.7879, pp.159 - 159, 2021-10

    Divergent pallidal pathways underlying distinct Parkinsonian behavioral deficits

    Lilascharoen, Varoth; Wang, Eric Hou-Jen; Do, Nam; et al, Nature Neuroscience, v.24, no.4, pp.504 - 515, 2021-04

    Protection of tissue physicochemical properties using polyfunctional crosslinkers

    Park, Young-Gyun; Sohn, Chang Ho; Chen, Ritchie; et al, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.37, no.1, pp.73 - 83, 2019-01

    Multiplexed and scalable super-resolution imaging of three-dimensional protein localization in size-adjustable tissues

    Ku, Taeyun; Swaney, Justin; Park, Jeong-Yoon; et al, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.34, no.9, pp.973 - +, 2016-09

    Simple, Scalable Proteomic Imaging for High-Dimensional Profiling of Intact Systems

    Murray, Evan; Cho, Jae Hun; Goodwin, Daniel; et al, CELL, v.163, no.6, pp.1500 - 1514, 2015-12

    Left brain cortical activity modulates stress effects on social behavior

    Lee, Eunee; Hong, Jiso; Park, Young-Gyun; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-08

    Heterogeneity of tremor mechanisms assessed by tremor-related cortical potential in mice

    Park, Young-Gyun; Choi, Jee Hyun; Lee, Chungki; et al, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.8, 2015-01

    The potential roles of T-type Ca2+ channels in motor coordination

    Park, Young Gyun; Kim, Jeong Jin; Kim, Daesoo, FRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITS, v.7, pp.243 - 252, 2013-10

    Lack of CaV3.1 channels causes severe motor coordination defects and an age-dependent cerebellar atrophy in a genetic model of essential tremor

    Chang, Ki-Young; Park, Young-Gyun; Park, Hye-Yeon; et al, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.410, no.1, pp.19 - 23, 2011-06

    Thalamic T-Type Ca2+ Channels Mediate Frontal Lobe Dysfunctions Caused by a Hypoxia-Like Damage in the Prefrontal Cortex

    Kim, Jeong-Jin; Woo, Jeong-Hoon; Park, Young-Gyun; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.31, no.11, pp.4063 - 4073, 2011-03

    Ca(V)3.1 is a tremor rhythm pacemaker in the inferior olive

    Park, Young-Gyun; Park, Hye-Yeon; Lee, C. Justin; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.107, no.23, pp.10731 - 10736, 2010-06

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