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Ku, Taeyun (구태윤)
조교수, (의과학대학원)
Research Area
Tissue engineering, Neuroimaging, Computational biology
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    Mapping thalamic innervation to individual L2/3 pyramidal neurons and modeling their ‘readout’ of visual input

    Balcioglu, Aygul; Gillani, Rebecca; Doron, Michael; et al, NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.26, no.3, pp.470 - 480, 2023-03

    Longitudinal intravital imaging of cerebral microinfarction reveals a dynamic astrocyte reaction leading to glial scar formation

    Lee, Jingu; Kim, Joon-Goon; Hong, Sujung; et al, GLIA, v.70, no.5, pp.975 - 988, 2022-05

    Epitope-preserving magnified analysis of proteome (eMAP)

    Park, Joha; Khan, Sarim; Yun, Dae Hee; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.46, 2021-11

    Elasticizing tissues for reversible shape transformation and accelerated molecular labeling

    Ku, Taeyunresearcher; Guan, Webster; Evans, Nicholas B.; et al, NATURE METHODS, v.17, no.6, pp.609 - 613, 2020-06

    Protection of tissue physicochemical properties using polyfunctional crosslinkers

    Park, Young-Gyunresearcher; Sohn, Chang Ho; Chen, Ritchie; et al, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.37, no.1, pp.73 - 83, 2019-01

    Npas4 Is a Critical Regulator of Learning-Induced Plasticity at Mossy Fiber-CA3 Synapses during Contextual Memory Formation

    Weng, Feng-Ju; Garcia, Rodrigo I.; Lutzu, Stefano; et al, NEURON, v.97, no.5, pp.1137 - +, 2018-03

    Self-organized developmental patterning and differentiation in cerebral organoids

    Renner, Magdalena; Lancaster, Madeline A.; Bian, Shan; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.36, no.10, pp.1316 - 1329, 2017-05

    Multiplexed and scalable super-resolution imaging of three-dimensional protein localization in size-adjustable tissues

    Ku, Taeyunresearcher; Swaney, Justin; Park, Jeong-Yoon; et al, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.34, no.9, pp.973 - +, 2016-09

    Principal component analysis of dynamic fluorescence images for diagnosis of diabetic vasculopathy

    Seo, Jihye; An, Yuri; Lee, Jungsul; et al, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS, v.21, no.4, 2016-04

    Simple, Scalable Proteomic Imaging for High-Dimensional Profiling of Intact Systems

    Murray, Evan; Cho, Jae Hun; Goodwin, Daniel; et al, CELL, v.163, no.6, pp.1500 - 1514, 2015-12

    Optical induction of muscle contraction at the tissue scale through intrinsic cellular amplifiers

    Yoon, Jong-Hee; Choi, Myung-Hwan; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF BIOPHOTONICS, v.7, no.8, pp.597 - 606, 2014-08

    A Method for Generate a Mouse Model of Stroke: Evaluation of Parameters for Blood Flow, Behavior, and Survival

    Park, Sin-Young; Marasini, Subash; Kim, Geu-Hee; et al, EXPERIMENTAL NEUROBIOLOGY, v.23, no.1, pp.104 - 114, 2014-03

    Enhancement of the photocytotoxic efficiency of sub-12 nm therapeutic polymeric micelles with increased co-localisation in mitochondria

    Chong, Kyuha; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; Saw, Phei Er; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.49, no.98, pp.11476 - 11478, 2013-12

    Noninvasive Optical Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow in Mice Using Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Indocyanine Green

    Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; Choi, Chul-Heeresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.7, no.10, 2012-10

    Blockade of VEGF-A suppresses tumor growth via inhibition of autocrine signaling through FAK and AKT

    Lee, Jung-Whoi; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; Yu, Ha-na; et al, CANCER LETTERS, v.318, no.2, pp.221 - 225, 2012-05

    Label-free optical activation of astrocyte in vivo

    Choi, Myung-Hwan; Yoon, JongHee; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS, v.16, no.7, 2011-07

    Minimally invasive molecular delivery into the brain using optical modulation of vascular permeability

    Choi, Myung-Hwan; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; Chong, Kyuha; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.108, no.22, pp.9256 - 9261, 2011-05

    Hydrophoretic high-throughput selection of platelets in physiological shear-stress range

    Choi, Sung-Young; Ku, Tae-Yunresearcher; Song, Seung-Jeong; et al, LAB ON A CHIP, v.11, no.3, pp.413 - 418, 2011-02

    The relationship between online game addiction and aggression, self-control and narcissistic personality traits

    Kim, Eun Joo; Namkoong, Kee; Ku, Taeyunresearcher; et al, EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY, v.23, no.3, pp.212 - 218, 2008-04

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