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Yeom, Jihyeon (염지현)
조교수, Department of Materials Science & Engineering(신소재공학과)
Research Area
Nanomaterials, Chiral Materials, Nano bio materials
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    Chiral Biomaterials for Nanomedicines: From Molecules to Supraparticles

    Jung, Wookjin; Kwon, Junyoung; Cho, Wonjoon; et al, PHARMACEUTICS, v.14, no.9, 2022-09

    Multiscale Functional Metal Architectures by Antibody-Guided Metallization of Specific Protein Assemblies in Ex Vivo Multicellular Organisms

    Song, Chang Woo; Song, Dae-Hyeon; Kang, Dong Gyu; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.34, no.35, 2022-09

    Recent advances in chiral nanomaterials with unique electric and magnetic properties

    Kwon, Junyoung; Choi, Won Jin; Jeong, Uichang; et al, NANO CONVERGENCE, v.9, no.1, 2022-07

    Broad Chiroptical Activity from Ultraviolet to Short-Wave Infrared by Chirality Transfer from Molecular to Micrometer Scale

    Park, Ki Hyun; Kwon, Junyoung; Jeong, Uichang; et al, ACS NANO, v.15, no.9, pp.15229 - 15237, 2021-09

    Atomic Chirality and a Materials Revolution

    Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher, ACCOUNTS OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, v.2, no.7, pp.471 - 476, 2021-07

    Chiral Supraparticles for Controllable Nanomedicine

    Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Guimaraes, Pedro P. G.; Ahn, Hyo Min; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.32, no.1, pp.1903878, 2020-01

    Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination

    McHugh, Kevin J.; Jing, Lihong; Severt, Sean Y.; et al, SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, v.11, no.523, pp.eaay7162, 2019-12

    Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles into Chiral Superstructures Driven by Circularly Polarized Light

    Kim, Ji-Young; Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Zhao, Gongpu; et al, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.141, no.30, pp.11739 - 11744, 2019-07

    Chiromagnetic nanoparticles and gels

    Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Santos, Uallisson S.; Chekini, Mahshid; et al, SCIENCE, v.359, no.6373, pp.309 - +, 2018-01

    Branched Aramid Nanofibers

    Zhu, Jian; Yang, Ming; Emre, Ahmet; et al, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.56, no.39, pp.11744 - 11748, 2017-09

    Chiral templating of self-assembling nanostructures by circularly polarized light

    Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Yeom, Bongjun; Chan, Henry; et al, NATURE MATERIALS, v.14, no.1, pp.66 - 72, 2015-01

    Pyrogallol 2-Aminoethane: A Plant Flavonoid-Inspired Molecule for Material-Independent Surface Chemistry

    Hong, Seonki; Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Song, In Taek; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.1, no.4, 2014-07

    Cell-repellant Dextran Coatings of Porous Titania Using Mussel Adhesion Chemistry

    Park, Jae Yoon; Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Kim, Jee Seon; et al, MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE, v.13, no.11, pp.1511 - 1519, 2013-11

    Universal Synthesis of Single-Phase Pyrite FeS2 Nanoparticles, Nanowires, and Nanosheets

    Bai, Yongxiao; Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Yang, Ming; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.117, no.6, pp.2567 - 2573, 2013-02

    One-Step Multipurpose Surface Functionalization by Adhesive Catecholamine

    Kang, Sung Min; Hwang, Nathaniel S.; Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.22, no.14, pp.2949 - 2955, 2012-07

    Self-assembled, pH-sensitive retinoate nanostructures ionically complexed with PEG-grafted cationic polyelectrolytes

    Yeom, Jihyeonresearcher; Nam, Yoon Sungresearcher, COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE, v.290, no.9, pp.839 - 845, 2012-06

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