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Kim, Min-Soo (김민수)
교수, (전산학부)
Research Area
Databases, Machine Learning , Bioinformatics
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    Active learning using Generative Adversarial Networks for improving generalization and avoiding distractor points

    Lim, Heechul; Chon, Kang-Wook; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.227, 2023-10

    Your lottery ticket is damaged: Towards all-alive pruning for extremely sparse networks

    Kim, Daejin; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher; Shim, Hyunjungresearcher; et al, INFORMATION SCIENCES, v.634, pp.608 - 620, 2023-07

    ConnectomeNet: A Unified Deep Neural Network Modeling Framework for Multi-Task Learning

    Lim, Heechul; Chon, Kang-Wook; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.11, pp.34297 - 34308, 2023

    Tweaking Deep Neural Networks

    Kim, Jinwook; Yoon, Heeyong; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.44, no.9, pp.5715 - 5728, 2022-09

    TENAS: Using Taylor Expansion and Channel-level Skip Connection for Neural Architecture Search

    Lim, Heechul; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.84790 - 84798, 2022-08

    SGMiner: A Fast and Scalable GPU-Based Frequent Pattern Miner on SSDs

    Chon, Kang-Wook; Yi, Eunjeong; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.62502 - 62519, 2022-06

    Automatic prediction of left cardiac chamber enlargement from chest radiographs using convolutional neural network

    Nam, Ju Gang; Kim, Jinwook; Noh, Keonwoo; et al, EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY, v.31, no.11, pp.8130 - 8140, 2021-11

    Development and Pilot-Test of Blockchain-Based MyHealthData Platform

    Bae, Ye-Seul; Park, Yujin; Kim, Taekhoon; et al, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.17, 2021-09

    Development and Validation of an Arterial Pressure-Based Cardiac Output Algorithm Using a Convolutional Neural Network: Retrospective Study Based on Prospective Registry Data

    Yang, Hyun-Lim; Jung, Chul-Woo; Yang, Seong Mi; et al, JMIR MEDICAL INFORMATICS, v.9, no.8, 2021-08

    GPrimer: a fast GPU-based pipeline for primer design for qPCR experiments

    Bae, Jeongmin; Jeon, Hajin; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, BMC BIOINFORMATICS, v.22, no.1, 2021-04

    MRPrimerW2: an enhanced tool for rapid design of valid high-quality primers with multiple search modes for qPCR experiments

    Jeon, Hajin; Bae, Jeongmin; Hwang, Sang-Hyun; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.47, no.W1, pp.W614 - W622, 2019-07

    Weakly supervised lesion localization for age-related macular degeneration detection using optical coherence tomography images

    Yang, Hyun-Lim; Kim, Jong Jin; Kim, Jong Ho; et al, PLOS ONE, v.14, no.4, 2019-04

    A parallel query processing system based on graph-based database partitioning

    Nam, Yoon-Min; Han, Donghyoung; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, INFORMATION SCIENCES, v.480, pp.237 - 260, 2019-04

    BIGMiner: a fast and scalable distributed frequent pattern miner for big data

    Chon, Kang-Wook; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, CLUSTER COMPUTING-THE JOURNAL OF NETWORKS SOFTWARE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.21, no.3, pp.1507 - 1520, 2018-09

    GMiner: A fast GPU-based frequent itemset mining method for large-scale data

    Chon, Kang-Wook; Hwang, Sang-Hyun; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, INFORMATION SCIENCES, v.439, pp.19 - 38, 2018-05

    SSDPrimer: an SSD-based primer design method for a private sequence DB

    Chon, Kang-Wook; Hwang, Sang-Hyun; An, Kyuhyeon; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DATA MINING AND BIOINFORMATICS, v.18, no.3, pp.252 - 267, 2017-10

    MRPrimerV: a database of PCR primers for RNA virus detection

    Kim, Hyerin; Kang, NaNa; An, KyuHyeon; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.45, no.D1, pp.D475 - D481, 2017-01

    MRPrimerW: a tool for rapid design of valid high-quality primers for multiple target qPCR experiments

    Kim, Hyerin; Kang, NaNa; An, KyuHyeon; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.44, no.W1, pp.W259 - W266, 2016-07

    MRPrimer: a MapReduce-based method for the thorough design of valid and ranked primers for PCR

    Kim, Hyerin; Kang, NaNa; Chon, Kang-Wook; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.43, no.20, 2015-11

    DSP-CC-: I/O Efficient Parallel Computation of Connected Components in Billion-Scale Networks

    Kim, Min-Sooresearcher; Lee, Sangyeon; Han, Wook-Shin; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, v.27, no.10, pp.2658 - 2671, 2015-10

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