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Shin, Euncheol (신은철)
부교수, School of Management Engineering(경영공학부)
Research Area
experimental economics, political economy, social networks
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    인공지능 기반 적응형 학습 프로그램 영향평가: 대구 중학교 무작위통제실험 사례를 중심으로

    김부열; 박윤수; 신은철researcher; et al, 응용경제, v.24, no.4, pp.5 - 25, 2022-12

    Collective Proofreading and the Optimal Voting Rule

    Kim, Duk Gyoo; Lee, Jinhyuk; Shin, Euncheolresearcher, GLOBAL ECONOMIC REVIEW, v.51, no.1, pp.1 - 17, 2022-02

    Repairing a Cracked Mirror: The Heterogeneous Effect of Personalized Digital Nudges Driven by Misperception

    Jung, Miyeon; Cho, Daegonresearcher; Shin, Euncheolresearcher, PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, v.30, no.8, pp.2586 - 2607, 2021-08

    Social value from social enterprise: An incentive design

    Park, J; Shin, Euncheolresearcher, Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, v.32, no.2, pp.54 - 73, 2021-06

    Social Network Formation and Strategic Interaction in Large Networks

    Shin, Euncheolresearcher, MATHEMATICAL SOCIAL SCIENCES, v.111, pp.34 - 54, 2021-05

    A model of pre-electoral coalition formation

    Shin, Euncheolresearcher, GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR, v.118, pp.463 - 485, 2019-11

    효과적인 퇴직연금 상품 운용을 유도하기 위한 행태 경제 실험 설계

    하슬아; 김덕규; 김상현; et al, 금융감독연구, v.6, no.2, pp.79 - 141, 2019-10

    An economic model of friendship and enmity for measuring social balance in networks

    Lee, Kyu-Min; Shin, Euncheolresearcher; You, Seungil, PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, v.488, pp.205 - 215, 2017-12

    Monopoly pricing and diffusion of social network goods

    Shin, Euncheolresearcher, GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR, v.102, pp.162 - 178, 2017-03

    How Food Controls Aggression in Drosophila

    Lim, Rod S.; Eyjolfsdottir, Eyrun; Shin, Euncheolresearcher; et al, PLOS ONE, v.9, no.8, 2014-08

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