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Baik, Hyungryul (백형렬)
부교수, Department of Mathematical Sciences(수리과학과)
Research Area
Low-dimensional topology, geometric topology;geometric group theory, Teichmueller theory
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    Minimal asymptotic translation lengths of Torelli groups and pure braid groups on the curve graph

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Shin, Hyunshik, INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH NOTICES, v.2020, no.24, pp.9974 - 9987, 2020-12

    Limits of canonical forms on towers of Riemann surfaces

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Shokrieh, Farbod; Wu Chenxi, JOURNAL FUR DIE REINE UND ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK, v.2020, no.764, pp.287 - 304, 2020-07

    The smallest positive eigenvalue of fibered hyperbolic 3-manifolds

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Gekhtman, Ilya; Hamenstaedt, Ursula., PROCEEDINGS OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY, v.120, no.5, pp.704 - 741, 2020-05

    Subgroup growth of right-angled Artin and Coxeter groups

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Petri, Bram; Raimbault, Jean, JOURNAL OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY-SECOND SERIES, v.101, no.2, pp.556 - 588, 2020-04

    Subgroup Growth of Virtually Cyclic Right-Angled Coxeter Groups and Their Free Products

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Petri, Bram; Raimbault, Jean, COMBINATORICA, v.39, no.4, pp.779 - 811, 2019-08

    Genomic GPS: using genetic distance from individuals to public data for genomic analysis without disclosing personal genomes

    Kim, Kunhee; Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Jang, Chloe Soohyun; et al, GENOME BIOLOGY, v.20, no.1, 2019-08

    Unsmoothable group actions on compact one-manifolds

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Kim, Sang-hyun; Koberda, Thomas, JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY, v.21, no.8, pp.2333 - 2353, 2019-07

    Is a typical bi-Perron algebraic unit a pseudo-Anosov dilatation?

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Rafiqi, Ahmad; Wu, Chenxi, ERGODIC THEORY AND DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, v.39, pp.1745 - 1750, 2019-07

    On laminar groups, Tits alternatives and convergence group actions on S-2

    Alonso, Juan; Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Samperton, Eric, JOURNAL OF GROUP THEORY, v.22, no.3, pp.359 - 381, 2019-05

    Exponential torsion growth for random 3-manifolds

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Bauer, David; Gekhtman, Ilya; et al, International Mathematics Research Notices, v.2018, no.21, pp.6497 - 6534, 2018-11

    Spaces of invariant circular orders of groups

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Samperton, Eric, GROUPS GEOMETRY AND DYNAMICS, v.12, no.2, pp.721 - 763, 2018-06

    Right-angled Artin groups in the C∞ diffeomorphism group of the real line

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Kim, Sang-hyun; Koberda, Thomas, ISRAEL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, v.213, no.1, pp.175 - 182, 2016-06

    The space of geometric limits of abelian subgroups of PSL2(C)

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Clavier, Lucien, HIROSHIMA MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL, v.46, no.1, pp.1 - 36, 2016-03

    Constructing pseudo-Anosov maps with given dilatations

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Rafiqi, Ahmad; Wu, Chenxi, GEOMETRIAE DEDICATA, v.180, no.1, pp.39 - 48, 2016-02

    Fuchsian groups, circularly ordered groups and dense invariant laminations on the circle

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher, GEOMETRY & TOPOLOGY, v.19, no.4, pp.2081 - 2115, 2015-07

    The space of geometric limits of one-generator closed subgroups of PSL2(R)

    Baik, Hyungryulresearcher; Clavier, Lucien, ALGEBRAIC AND GEOMETRIC TOPOLOGY, v.13, no.1, pp.549 - 576, 2013-03

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