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Yi, Sangyoon (이상윤)
부교수, Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy(문술미래전략대학원)
Research Area
Strategy, Organization, Innovation and Learning
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    Recommendation technologies and consumption diversity: An experimental study on product recommendations, consumer search, and sales diversity

    Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Kim, Dongyeon; Ju, Jaehyeon, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.178, 2022-05

    Relevant and rich interactivity under uncertainty: Guest reviews, host responses, and guest purchase intention on Airbnb

    Kim, Dongyeon; Park, Sung-Pilresearcher; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher, TELEMATICS AND INFORMATICS, v.65, 2021-12

    Different Reasons for Different Responses: A Review of Incumbents' Adaptation in Carbon-Intensive Industries

    Sump, Franziska; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher, ORGANIZATION & ENVIRONMENT, v.34, no.2, pp.323 - 346, 2021-06

    A contingency perspective on imitation strategies: When is "benchmarking" ineffective?

    Posen, Hart E.; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Lee, Jeho, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, v.41, no.2, pp.198 - 221, 2020-02

    Differentiation and Integration in Organizational Learning: A Garbage Can Model

    Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Stieglitz, Nils; Knudsen, Thorbjørn, Advances in Strategic Management, v.40, pp.177 - 204, 2019-01

    연구소기업의 역량과 매출성장 간의 관계에 관한 실증연구

    김인영; 이선제; 이상윤researcher, 기술혁신학회지, v.21, no.4, pp.1445 - 1473, 2018-12

    Managing initial expectations when word-of-mouth matters: Effects of product value and consumer heterogeneity

    Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING, v.51, no.1, pp.123 - 156, 2017-01

    Inertia in Routines: A Hidden Source of Organizational Variation

    Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Knudsen, Thorbjorn; Becker, Markus C., ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, v.27, no.3, pp.782 - 800, 2016-05

    The power of imperfect imitation

    Posen, Hart E; Lee, Jeho; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, v.34, no.2, pp.149 - 164, 2013-02

    The organization of scientific knowledge: the structural characteristics of keyword networks

    Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Choi, Jinho, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.90, no.3, pp.1015 - 1026, 2012-03

    Analysis of keyword networks in MIS research and implications for predicting knowledge evolution

    Choi, Jinho; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Lee, Kun Chang, INFORMATION & MANAGEMENT, v.48, pp.371 - 381, 2011-12

    모바일게임의 전문가 평가와 대중적 인기에 관한 실증 연구: 국내 이동통신사 사례를 중심으로

    김문용; 이상윤researcher, ENTRUE JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, v.9, no.2, pp.17 - 29, 2010-07

    모바일 게임의 시장 성공 요소: 게임 장르별 차이와 출시 후 시간 경과에 따른 변화

    이상윤researcher; 김문용; 한승돈; et al, INFORMATION SYSTEMS REVIEW, v.10, no.3, pp.21 - 38, 2008-12

    e-마켓플레이스에서의 인지된 위험의 원천과 완화 요인

    이상윤researcher; 이동주; 김명수; et al, INFORMATION SYSTEMS REVIEW, v.9, no.2, pp.41 - 66, 2007-08

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