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PARK, GISU (박기수)
부교수, Department of Aerospace Engineering(항공우주공학과)
Research Area
Fluid mechanics/Thermodynamics, Other Aerospace Engineering, Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics
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    Catalytic Recombination Assessment on Carbon in Dissociated Shock Tube Flow

    Kim, Ikhyun; Yang, Yosheph; Park, Gisuresearcher; et al, Acta Astronautica, v.181, pp.52 - 60, 2021-04

    Temperature Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Using Emission Spectroscopy

    Shim, Hanseul; Jo, Sung Min; Kwon, Oh Joonresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF QUANTITATIVE SPECTROSCOPY & RADIATIVE TRANSFER, v.260, pp.107463, 2021-02

    Analysis of Nitrogen Recombination Activity on Silicon Dioxide with Stagnation Heat-Transfer

    Kim, Ikhyun; Lee, Sanghoon; Kim, Jae Gang; et al, Acta Astronautica, v.177, pp.386 - 397, 2020-12

    Nozzle Flow Influence on Forebody Aerodynamics

    Park, Sangha; Park, Gisuresearcher; Park, Soo Hyung, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.21, no.4, pp.942 - 956, 2020-12

    Experimental investigation of the effects of leading edge bluntness on supersonic flow over a double compression ramp

    Kim, Ikhyun; Park, Gisuresearcher; Byun, Yung Hwan, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.34, no.10, pp.4193 - 4199, 2020-10

    Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Flow Analysis in Low Enthalpy Shock-Tunnel Facility

    Lee, Sanghoon; Kim, Ikhyun; Park, Gisuresearcher; et al, PLOS ONE, v.15, no.10, pp.1 - 24, 2020-10

    Ablation characteristics of aluminum alloy wings with yttria partially-stabilized zirconia coating

    Kim, Gyeongrok; Lee, Sanghoon; Park, Gisuresearcher; et al, AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.105, pp.106024, 2020-10

    Study of Impact Type Surface Junction Thermocouple

    Park, Sangha; Park, Gisuresearcher, Journal of Propulsion and Energy, v.1, no.1, pp.74 - 84, 2020-10

    Effect of Argon Gas in Oxygen Catalytic Recombination on a Silica Surface: A Reactive Molecular Dynamics Study

    Yang, Yosheph; Peddakotla, Sai Abhishek; Kumar, Rakesh; et al, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.175, pp.531 - 539, 2020-10

    Study of Test Time Extension in KAIST Shock Tunnel

    Kim, Keunyeong; PARK, GISUresearcher, Journal of Propulsion and Energy, v.1, no.1, pp.11 - 23, 2020-10

    충격파 터널에서의 가속도계 기반 항력 측정

    장병국; 김근영; 박기수researcher, 한국항공우주학회지, v.48, no.7, pp.489 - 495, 2020-07

    Evaluation of Blunt body Velocity Gradient at the Shock Tube End-wall

    Yang, Yosheph; Kim, Ikhyun; Park, Gisuresearcher, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.170, pp.570 - 576, 2020-05

    Study of Strut Interference in High-Speed Flows

    Lee, Sungmin; Song, Hakyoon; Park, Gisuresearcher, EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS, v.61, no.4, 2020-03

    Separation Process of Multi-Spheres in Hypersonic Flow

    Park, Seong-Hyeon; Park, Gisuresearcher, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, v.65, no.1, pp.392 - 406, 2020-01

    Effect of Titanium Surface Roughness on Oxygen Catalytic Recombination in a Shock Tube

    Kim, Ikhyun; Yang, Yosheph; Park, Gisuresearcher, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.166, pp.260 - 269, 2020-01

    Experimental and Numerical Study of Oxygen Catalytic Recombination of SiC-coated Material

    Yang, Yosheph; Kim, Ikhyun; Park, Gisuresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.143, no.118510, pp.1 - 14, 2019-11

    Evaluation System for Ablative Material in a High-Temperature Torch

    Lee, Sanghoon; Park, Gisuresearcher; Kim, Jae Gang; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.20, no.3, pp.620 - 635, 2019-09

    Flameholding Characteristics of Ethylene-fueled Model Scramjet in Shock Tunnel

    Kim, Keunyeong; Park, Gisuresearcher; Jin, Sangwook, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.161, pp.446 - 464, 2019-08

    Experimental Study of Surface Roughness Effect on Oxygen Catalytic Recombination

    Kim, Ikhyun; Park, Gisuresearcher; Na, Jae Jeong, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.138, pp.916 - 922, 2019-08

    Analysis of Catalytic Heat Transfer for a Multi-Species Gas Mixture

    Yang, Yosheph; Park, Gisuresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.137, pp.1088 - 1102, 2019-07

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