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Kim, Hyunwoo (김현우)
부교수, Department of Chemistry(화학과)
Research Area
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Methodology, Physical Organic Chemistry
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    Pd-Catalyzed Allylation of Imines to Access alpha-CF3-Substituted alpha-Amino Acid Derivatives

    Winter, Michael; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher; Waser, Mario, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.2019, no.42, pp.7122 - 7127, 2019-11

    A Gallium-based Chiral Solvating Agent Enables the Use of H-1 NMR Spectroscopy to Differentiate Chiral Alcohols

    Jang, Sumin; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, ISCIENCE, v.19, pp.425 - +, 2019-09

    Ligand-Controlled Direct Hydroformylation of Trisubstituted Olefins

    Shin, TaeIl; Kim, Hyungsoo; Kim, Sungmin; et al, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.21, no.15, pp.5789 - 5792, 2019-08

    Nickel/Briphos-Catalyzed Direct Transamidation of Unactivated Secondary Amides Using Trimethylsilyl Chloride

    Yu, Subeen; Shin, TaeIl; Zhang, Maosheng; et al, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.20, no.23, pp.7563 - 7566, 2018-12

    Hydrogen-Bonding-Assisted Ketimine Formation of Benzophenone Derivatives

    Seo, Min Seob; Jang, Sumin; Jung, Hoimin; et al, JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.83, no.23, pp.14300 - 14306, 2018-12

    Synergistic Ligand Effect between N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) and Bicyclic Phosphoramidite (Briphos) Ligands in Pd-Catalyzed Amination

    Kim, Miji; Shin, TaeIl; Lee, Ansoo; et al, ORGANOMETALLICS, v.37, no.19, pp.3253 - 3258, 2018-09

    Stereocontrolled, Divergent, Al(III)-Catalyzed Coupling of Chiral N-Aryl Epoxy Amines and CO2

    Lee, Yuseop; Choi, Jonghoon; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.20, no.16, pp.5036 - 5039, 2018-08

    Synthesis of alpha-(4-Oxazolyl)amino Esters via Bronsted Acid Catalyzed Tandem Reaction

    Lee, Ansoo; Oh, Seohee; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.20, no.11, pp.3319 - 3322, 2018-06

    A chiral aluminum solvating agent (CASA) for H-1 NMR chiral analysis of alcohols at low temperature

    Seo, Min Seob; Jang, Sumin; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.54, no.50, pp.6804 - 6807, 2018-06

    Synthesis of Enantiopure Mixed Alkyl-Aryl Vicinal Diamines by the Diaza-Cope Rearrangement: A Synthesis of (+)-CP-99,994

    Kim, Miji; Kim, Hyeseung; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.82, no.23, pp.12050 - 12058, 2017-12

    Computer-aided rational design of Fe(III)-catalysts for the selective formation of cyclic carbonates from CO2 and internal epoxides

    Sinha, Indranil; Lee, Yu Seop; Bae, Choongman; et al, CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.7, no.19, pp.4375 - 4387, 2017-10

    Regiodivergent Conjugate Addition Controlled by Rhodium(I) and Palladium(II) Catalysts: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study

    Jung, Hoimin; Lee, Ansoo; Kim, Jin; et al, ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS, v.359, no.18, pp.3160 - 3175, 2017-09

    Water as a Hydroxy Source in a Rh-III-Catalyzed Directed C-H Hydroxylation of 2-Arylpyridines

    Kim, Kiseong; Hyun, Jaeyong; Kim, Jin; et al, ASIAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.6, no.7, pp.907 - 912, 2017-07

    Directed C-H Activation and Tandem Cross-Coupling Reactions Using Palladium Nanocatalysts with Controlled Oxidation

    Kim, Kiseong; Jung, Younjae; Lee, Suyeon; et al, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.56, no.24, pp.6952 - 6956, 2017-06

    Rh(0)/Rh(III) core-shell nanoparticles as heterogeneous catalysts for cyclic carbonate synthesis

    Jung, Younjae; Shin, Taeil; Kim, Kiseong; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.53, no.2, pp.384 - 387, 2017-01

    Rh-III-Catalyzed Directed C-H Bromination and Iodination to Synthesize Atropisomeric Biaryls

    Kim, Kiseong; Hyun, Jaeyong; Kim, Jin; et al, ASIAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.5, no.9, pp.1107 - 1110, 2016-09

    Chiral Bicyclic Bridgehead Phosphoramidite (Briphos) Ligands for Asymmetric Rhodium-Catalyzed 1,2-and 1,4-Addition

    Lee, Ansoo; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.81, no.9, pp.3520 - 3527, 2016-05

    Palladium-Catalyzed Dehydrative Cross-Coupling of Allylic Alcohols and N-Heterocycles Promoted by a Bicyclic Bridgehead Phosphoramidite Ligand and an Acid Additive

    Kang, Kyungjun; Kim, Jaewook; Lee, Ansoo; et al, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.18, no.3, pp.616 - 619, 2016-02

    Dopant-specific unzipping of carbon nanotubes for intact crystalline graphene nanostructures

    Lim, Joonwon; Maiti, Uday Narayan; Kim, Na Young; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.7, pp.10364, 2016-01

    1H NMR Chiral Analysis of Charged Molecules via Ion Pairing with Aluminum Complexes

    Seo, Min Seob; Kim, Hyunwooresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.137, no.44, pp.14190 - 14195, 2015-11

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