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Jeong, Jaeseung (정재승)
교수, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences(뇌인지과학과)
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    Two-channel EEG based diagnosis of panic disorder and major depressive disorder using machine learning and non-linear dynamical methods

    Aderinwale, Adedoyin; Tolossa, Gemechu Bekele; Kim, Ah Young; et al, PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING, v.332, 2023-07

    Decoding trajectories of imagined hand movement using electrocorticograms for brain-machine interface

    Jang, Sang Jin; Yang, Yu Jin; Ryun, Seokyun; et al, JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING, v.19, no.5, 2022-10

    Electroencephalogram microstates and functional connectivity of cybersickness

    Nam, Sungu; Jang, Kyoung-Mi; Kwon, Moonyoung; et al, FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE, v.16, 2022-08

    Experience of a hierarchical relationship between a pair of mice specifically influences their affective empathy toward each other

    Park, Jungjoon; Ha, Seungshin; Shin, Hee-Sup; et al, GENES BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR, v.21, no.5, 2022-06

    An electrocorticographic decoder for arm movement for brain-machine interface using an echo state network and Gaussian readout

    Kim, Hoon-Hee; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher, APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING, v.117, 2022-03

    How 'who someone is' and 'what they did' influences gossiping about them

    Lee, Jeungmin; Kralik, Jerald D.; Kwon, Jaehyung; et al, PLOS ONE, v.17, no.7, 2022

    Prefrontal solution to the bias-variance tradeoff during reinforcement learning

    Kim, Dongjae; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Lee, Sang Wanresearcher, CELL REPORTS, v.37, no.13, 2021-12

    Measures of resting state EEG rhythms for clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease: Recommendations of an expert panel

    Babiloni, Claudio; Arakaki, Xianghong; Azami, Hamed; et al, ALZHEIMERS & DEMENTIA, v.17, no.9, pp.1528 - 1553, 2021-09

    EEG measures for clinical research in major vascular cognitive

    Babiloni, Claudio; Arakaki, Xianhong; Bonanni, Laura; et al, NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING, v.103, pp.78 - 97, 2021-07

    Retrospective Evaluation of Sequential Events and the Influence of Preference-Dependent Working Memory: A Computational Examination

    Lim, Sewoong; Yoon, Sangsup; Kwon, Jaehyung; et al, FRONTIERS IN COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE, v.14, pp.65, 2020-09

    What electrophysiology tells us about Alzheimer's disease: a window into the synchronization and connectivity of brain neurons

    Babiloni, Claudio; Blinowska, Katarzyna; Bonanni, Laura; et al, NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING, v.85, pp.58 - 73, 2020-01

    International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) - EEG research workgroup: Recommendations on frequency and topographic analysis of resting state EEG rhythms. Part 1: Applications in clinical research studies

    Babiloni, Claudio; Barry, Robert J.; Basar, Erol; et al, CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, v.131, no.1, pp.285 - 307, 2020-01

    The rostroventral part of the thalamic reticular nucleus modulates fear extinction

    Lee, Joon-Hyuk; Latchoumane, Charles-Francois, V; Park, Jungjoon; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, no.4637, 2019-10

    Preference-based serial decisions are counterintuitively influenced by emotion regulation and conscientiousness

    Yoon, Sangsup; Lim, Sewoong; Kwon, Jaehyung; et al, PLOS ONE, v.14, no.10, 2019-10

    Decoding electroencephalographic signals for direction in brain-computer interface using echo state network and Gaussian readouts

    Kim, Hoon Hee; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher, COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, v.110, pp.254 - 264, 2019-07

    A Computational Model of Attention Control in Multi-Attribute, Context-Dependent Decision Making

    Jung, Kanghoon; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Kralik, Jerald D., FRONTIERS IN COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE, v.13, 2019-07

    Neural Correlates of Public Apology Effectiveness

    Kim, Hoh; Kralik, Jerald D.; Yun, Kyongsik; et al, FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE, v.13, 2019-07

    Neural circuits underlying a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders

    Baek, Jinhee; Lee, Sukchan; Cho, Taesup; et al, NATURE, v.566, no.7744, pp.339 - +, 2019-02

    Mediating Effect of Internet Addiction on the Association between Resilience and Depression among Korean University Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

    Mak, Kwok Kei; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Lee, Hye-Kyung; et al, PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION, v.15, no.10, pp.962 - 969, 2018-10

    Mice in social conflict show rule-observance behavior enhancing long-term benefit

    Choe, Il-Hwan; Byun, Junweon; Kim, Ko Keun; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.8, 2017-11

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