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Park, Yong Keun (박용근)
교수, (물리학과)
Research Area
Biomedical Optics , biomedical engineering, biophysics
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    Quantitative phase imaging via the holomorphic property of complex optical fields

    Oh, Jeonghun; Hugonnet, Herve; Park, YongKeunresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH, v.5, no.2, 2023-04

    Direct high-resolution X-ray imaging exploiting pseudorandomness

    Lee, KyeoReh; Lim, Jun; Lee, Su Yong; et al, LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2023-04

    Full-field quantitative X-ray phase nanotomography via space-domain Kramers-Kronig relations

    Lee, Kyeoreh; Lim, Jun; Park, YongKeunresearcher, OPTICA, v.10, no.3, pp.407 - 414, 2023-03

    Pulse-to-pulse field characterization at x-ray free-electron lasers using a speckle-correlation scattering matrix

    Lee, Kyeoreh; Lim, Jun; Park, Yongkeunresearcher, OPTICA, v.10, no.3, pp.393 - 400, 2023-03

    Quantification of structural heterogeneity in H&E stained clear cell renal cell carcinoma using refractive index tomography

    Park, Juyeon; Shin, Su-Jin; Shin, Jeongwon; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.14, no.3, pp.1071 - 1081, 2023-03

    Optical diffraction tomography and image reconstruction to measure host cell alterations caused by divergent Plasmodium species

    Ong, Jessica J.Y.; Oh, Jeonghun; Yong Ang, Xiang; et al, SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v.286, 2023-02

    Long-term label-free assessments of individual bacteria using three-dimensional quantitative phase imaging and hydrogel-based immobilization

    Shin, Jeongwon; Kim, Geon; Park, Jinho; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.13, no.1, 2023-01

    Regularization of dielectric tensor tomography

    Hugonnet, Herve; Shin, Seungwoo; Park, YongKeunresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.31, no.3, pp.3774 - 3783, 2023-01

    Spatially multiplexed dielectric tensor tomography

    Lee, Juheon; Shin, Seungwoo; Hugonnet, Herve; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.47, no.23, pp.6205 - 6208, 2022-12

    High-fidelity optical diffraction tomography of live organisms using iodixanol refractive index matching

    Lee, Dohyeon; Lee, Moosung; Kwak, Haechan; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.13, no.12, pp.6404 - 6415, 2022-12

    Non-resonant lasing in a deep-hole scattering cavity

    Oh, Chul Min; Ma, Ho Jin; Lee, KyeoReh; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.30, no.26, pp.47816 - 47825, 2022-12

    Ring stage classification of Babesia microti and Plasmodium falciparum using optical diffraction 3D tomographic technique

    Mazigo, Ernest; Jun, Hojong; Oh, Jeonghun; et al, PARASITES & VECTORS, v.15, no.1, 2022-11

    Alpha-Lipoic Acid Attenuates Apoptosis and Ferroptosis in Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity via the Reduction of Intracellular Lipid Droplets

    Cho, Sam; Hong, Seok Jin; Kang, Sung Hun; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, v.23, no.18, 2022-09

    Wavefront shaping: A versatile tool to conquer multiple scattering in multidisciplinary fields

    Yu, Zhipeng; Li, Huanhao; Zhong, Tianting; et al, INNOVATION, v.3, no.5, 2022-09

    Rapid species identification of pathogenic bacteria from a minute quantity exploiting three-dimensional quantitative phase imaging and artificial neural network

    Kim, Geon; Ahn, Daewoong; Kang, Minhee; et al, LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS, v.11, no.1, 2022-06

    Quantitative phase and refractive index imaging of 3D objects via optical transfer function reshaping

    Hugonnet, Herve; Lee, Mahn Jae; Park, Yong Keunresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.30, no.8, pp.13802 - 13809, 2022-04

    Single-shot wide-field topography measurement using spectrally multiplexed reflection intensity holography via space-domain Kramers-Kronig relations

    Lee, Chungha; Baek, Yoonseok; Hugonnet, Herve; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.47, no.5, pp.1025 - 1028, 2022-03

    Wide-Field Super-Resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging through Dynamic Near-Field Speckle Illumination

    Choi, Young; Kim, MinKwan; Park, ChungHyun; et al, NANO LETTERS, v.22, no.6, pp.2194 - 2201, 2022-03

    Tomographic measurement of dielectric tensors at optical frequency

    Shin, Seungwoo; Eun, Jonghee; Lee, Sang Seok; et al, NATURE MATERIALS, v.21, no.3, pp.317 - 324, 2022-03

    Single-Shot Reference-Free Holographic Imaging using a Liquid Crystal Geometric Phase Diffuser

    Oh, Jeonghun; Lee, KyeoReh; Park, YongKeunresearcher, LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS, v.16, no.3, 2022-03

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