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Han, In-Goo (한인구)
교수, School of Management Engineering(경영공학부)
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    디자인사고 사례연구 및 실행방법론

    양상근; 한인구researcher, Korea Business Review, v.25, no.1, pp.79 - 104, 2021-02

    Financial investor information impact based on FPGA and machine learning

    Wang, Hui; Yang, Xue; Han, Ingooresearcher, MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS, v.80, 2021-02

    The Impact of the Functional Currency System in Korea on the Value Relevance of Foreign Translation Adjustments

    길민석; 박정민; 한인구researcher, 경영학연구, v.49, no.6, pp.1453 - 1473, 2020-12

    딥러닝 오픈소스 프레임워크의 사례연구를 통한 도입 전략 도출

    최은주; 이준영; 한인구researcher, 지능정보연구, v.26, no.4, pp.27 - 65, 2020-12

    Value Relevance of Accounts Receivable Factoring and Its Impact on Financing Strategy under the K-IFRS after COVID-19 from the Perspective of Accounting Big Data

    Park, Jung Min; Lee, Hyoung Yong; Park, Sang Hyun; et al, SUSTAINABILITY, v.12, no.24, pp.10287, 2020-12

    포트폴리오 이론을 적용한 한국 인바운드 관광 효율화 전략 연구

    손세형; 박재은; 김은미; et al, 지식경영연구, v.21, no.4, pp.265 - 285, 2020-12

    가상통화거래소의 계정 및 자산 보호에 관한 사례연구 : 유관기관의 프로세스를 중심으로

    이윤주; 이동원; 한인구researcher, Information Systems Review, v.22, no.4, pp.135 - 161, 2020-11

    SNS기업의 핀테크사업의 전략 및 핵심성공요인: 텐센트, 네이버 라인, 카카오의 사례를 중심으로

    김지수; 한인구researcher, Korea Business Review, v.24, no.4, pp.1 - 19, 2020-11

    STX그룹의 성공과 실패의 전략적 분석

    한인구researcher; 김홍철, 경영사연구, v.35, no.4, pp.5 - 30, 2020-11

    한국 차량공유사업의 성공요인 사례분석

    김지예; 한인구researcher, 지식경영연구, v.21, no.3, pp.1 - 25, 2020-09

    Value Relevance of Corporate Environmental Performance: A Comprehensive Analysis of Performance Indicators Using Korean Data

    Choi, Hyunwoo; Han, In-Gooresearcher; Lee, Jaywon, SUSTAINABILITY, v.12, no.17, pp.1 - 21, 2020-09

    Too Costly to Disregard: The Cost Competitiveness of Environmental Operating Practices

    Yoo, Soyoung; Eom, Jiyongresearcher; Han, In-Gooresearcher, SUSTAINABILITY, v.12, no.15, 2020-08

    Factors Driving Consumer Involvement in Energy Consumption and Energy-Efficient Purchasing Behavior: Evidence from Korean Residential Buildings

    Yoo, Soyoung; Eom, Jiyongresearcher; Han, Ingooresearcher, SUSTAINABILITY, v.12, no.14, 2020-07

    Information Asymmetry and the Accrual Anomaly

    Park, Sang Hyun; Han, Ingooresearcher; Lee, Jaywon; et al, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, v.47, no.4, pp.571 - 597, 2018-09

    Beyond the numbers: The effect of 10-K tone on firms' performance predictions using text analytics

    Kang, Taeyoung; Park, Do-Hyung; Han, Ingooresearcher, TELEMATICS AND INFORMATICS, v.35, no.2, pp.370 - 381, 2018-05

    라오스와 공존공영하는 KOLAO그룹

    김종배; 한인구researcher, KOREA BUSINESS REVIEW, v.22, no.1, pp.195 - 222, 2018-02

    Effects of source influence and peer referrals on information diffusion in Twitter

    Kwon, Joseph; Han, Ingooresearcher; Kim, Byoungsoo, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT DATA SYSTEMS, v.117, no.5, pp.896 - 909, 2017-05

    사물인터넷의 사회적 영향: 시나리오 플래닝을 통한 일자리 영향 전망

    유소영; 한인구researcher, Information Systems Review, v.18, no.4, pp.173 - 187, 2016-12

    New members' online socialization in online communities: The effects of content quality and feedback on new members' content-sharing intentions

    Lee, Sungwook; Park, Do-Hyung; Han, Ingooresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.30, pp.344 - 354, 2014-01

    Factors influencing information distortion in online deliberations: The effects of informational characteristics and regulatory focus

    Chung, Sunghun; Han, Ingooresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.29, no.6, pp.2188 - 2196, 2013-11

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