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Lee, Yun Shin (이윤신)
부교수, (경영공학부)
Research Area
Behavioral Operations Management
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    국가 간 무역분쟁에 따른 주식시장의 반응: 한일 무역분쟁 사례를 중심으로

    구문수; 이윤신researcher; 박영수, 한국생산관리학회지, v.34, no.2, pp.243 - 257, 2023-05

    Individual and group advice taking in judgmental forecasting: Is group forecasting superior to individual forecasting?

    Kim, Hyo Young; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Jun, Duk Binresearcher, JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING, v.33, no.3, pp.287 - 303, 2020-07

    The effect of relative performance feedback on judgmental forecasting accuracy

    Kim, Hyoyoung; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Jun, Dukbinresearcher, MANAGEMENT DECISION, v.57, no.7, pp.1695 - 1711, 2019-07

    The Psychology of Queuing for Self-Service: Reciprocity and Social Pressure

    Kim, Hanyeong; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Park, Kun Soo, ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, v.8, no.4, 2018-12

    Effectiveness of bonus and penalty incentive contracts in supply chain exchanges: Does national culture matter?

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Ribbink, Dina; Eckerd, Stephanie, JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, v.62, pp.59 - 74, 2018-09

    집단 내 개인의 영향력 및 책임감이 주관적 예측 조정에 미치는 영향

    정동기; 이윤신researcher; 김효영, 한국생산관리학회지, v.29, no.3, pp.299 - 329, 2018-08

    Running Behavioral Operations Experiments Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Seo, Yong Won; Siemsen, Enno, PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, v.27, no.5, pp.973 - 989, 2018-05

    Task decomposition and newsvendor decision making

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Siemsen, Enno, MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, v.63, no.10, pp.3226 - 3245, 2017-10

    Treatment Preferences for Routine Lymphadenectomy Versus No Lymphadenectomy in Early-Stage Endometrial Cancer

    Lee, Jung-Yun; Kim, Kyunghoon; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; et al, ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, v.24, no.5, pp.1336 - 1342, 2017-05

    Suppliers' corporate ability and consumer evaluations of a manufacturer

    Kang, Hyunjin; Kim, Bo-Wonresearcher; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, v.27, no.1, pp.19 - 34, 2017-03

    Treatment preferences of advanced ovarian cancer patients for adding bevacizumab to first-line therapy

    Lee, Jung-Yun; Kim, Kyunghoon; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; et al, GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY, v.143, no.3, pp.622 - 627, 2016-12

    Management of a periodic-review inventory system using Bayesian model averaging when new marketing efforts are made

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS, v.158, pp.278 - 289, 2014-12

    A semi-parametric approach for estimating critical fractiles under autocorrelated demand

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, v.234, no.1, pp.163 - 173, 2014-04

    Empirical prediction intervals revisited

    Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Scholtes, Stefan, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.30, no.2, pp.217 - 234, 2014-04

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