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Choi, Yang-Kyu (최양규)
교수, (전기및전자공학부)
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    Bio-Inspired Organic Synaptor with in-situ ion-Doped Ultrathin Polyelectrolyte Containing Acetylcholine-like Cation

    Yu, Ji-Man; Kim, You-Son; Lee, Chang-Hyeon; et al, Small, 2024-02

    Cryptographic Triboelectric Random Number Generator with Gentle Breezes of an Entropy Source

    Kim, Moon-Seok; Tcho, Il-Woong; Choi, Yang-Kyu, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.14, no.1, 2024-01

    A Single MOSFET-Based Oscillator on a Bulk-Silicon Wafer

    Kim, Hae Yeon; KIM, Seung Il; Han, Joon-Kyu; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.45, no.1, pp.8 - 11, 2024-01

    Co-integrated Neuromorphic Devices for Bio-inspired Compliance Control

    Shin, Hery; Yu, Ji-Man; Han, Joon-Kyu; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.22, pp.706 - 712, 2023-11

    Analyses of unpredictable properties of a wind-driven triboelectric random number generator

    Kim, Moon-Seok; Tcho, Il Woong; Choi, Yang-Kyu, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.13, no.1, 2023-10

    Vertically Integrated CMOS Ternary Logic Device with Low Static Power Consumption and High Packing Density

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Lee, Jung Woo; Kim, Young Bin; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.44, pp.51429 - 51434, 2023-10

    Error reduction of SRAM-based physically unclonable function for chip authentication

    Kim, Moon-Seok; Kim, Sunho; Yoo, Sang-Kyung; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SECURITY, v.22, no.5, pp.1087 - 1098, 2023-10

    3D Neuromorphic Hardware with Single Thin-Film Transistor Synapses Over Single Thin-Body Transistor Neurons by Monolithic Vertical Integration

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Lee, Jung-Woo; Kim, Yeeun; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.10, no.30, 2023-10

    An artificial olfactory sensory neuron for selective gas detection with in-sensor computing

    Lee, Sang-Won; Kang, Mingu; Han, Joon-Kyu; et al, Device, v.1, no.3, 2023-09

    Wearable bead-based triboelectric nanogenerator with dual-mode operation for monitoring abnormal behavior in demetia patients

    Son, Joon-Ha; Kim, Weonguk; Yun, Seong-Yun; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.114, 2023-09

    Improved SOI FinFETs Performance with Low-Temperature Deuterium Annealing

    Ku, Ja-Yun; Yu, Ji-Man; Wang, Dong-Hyun; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.70, no.7, pp.3958 - 3962, 2023-07

    Lowering of Schottky Barrier Height in a MOSFET by Deuterium Annealing

    Yu, Jiman; Wang, Dong-Hyun; Han, Joon-Kyu; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.44, no.7, pp.1032 - 1035, 2023-07

    Cryogenic Storage Memory with High-Speed, Low-Power, and Long-Retention Performance

    Hur, Jae; Kang, Dongsuk; Moon, Dong-Il; et al, ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, v.9, no.6, 2023-06

    Leaky FinFET for Reservoir Computing with Temporal Signal Processing

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Yun, Seong-Yun; Yu, Jiman; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.22, pp.26960 - 26966, 2023-05

    A Novel Charge Pumping Technique With Gate-Induced Drain Leakage Current

    Lee, Geon-Beom; Kim, Jeong-Yeon; Choi, Yang-Kyu, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.44, no.5, pp.709 - 712, 2023-05

    Self-aware artificial auditory neuron with a triboelectric sensor for spike-based neuromorphic hardware

    Yun, Seong-Yun; Han, Joon-Kyu; Lee, Sang-Won; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.109, 2023-05

    Scalable In-Memory Clustered Annealer with Temporal Noise of Charge Trap Transistor for Large Scale Travelling Salesman Problems

    Ku, Anni; Hur, Jae; Luo, Yuan-Chun; et al, IEEE JOURNAL ON EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS, v.13, no.1, pp.422 - 435, 2023-03

    Artificial Multisensory Neuron with a Single Transistor for Multimodal Perception through Hybrid Visual and Thermal Sensing

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Yun, Seong-Yun; Yu, Jiman; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.4, pp.5449 - 5455, 2023-02

    Triple-Node FinFET with Non-Ohmic Schottky Junctions for Synaptic Devices

    Yu, Ji-man; Kim, Seong-Yeon; Kim Jin-Ki; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.44, no.1, pp.40 - 43, 2023-01

    An Artificial Neuron with a Leaky Fin-Shaped Field-Effect Transistor for a Highly Scalable Capacitive Neural Network

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Yu, Ji-Man; Kim, Do-Wan; et al, ADVANCED INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, v.4, no.12, 2022-12

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