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Park, Sung-Hong (박성홍)
부교수, (바이오및뇌공학과)
Research Area
Medical Imaging System, Medical Image Processing, Neuroimaging
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    SIMPLEX: Multiple phase-cycled bSSFP quantitative magnetization transfer imaging with physic-guided simulation learning of neural network

    Luu, Huan Minh; Park, Sung-Hong, NEUROIMAGE, v.284, no.1, 2023-11

    Distortion correction using topup algorithm by single k-space (TASK) for echo planar imaging

    Hwang, Seon-Ha; Lee, Hyun-Soo; Choi, Seung Hong; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.13, no.1, 2023-10

    Attention fusion network with self-supervised learning for staging of osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) using multiple MR protocols

    Kim, Bomin; Lee, Geun Young; Park, Sung-Hong, MEDICAL PHYSICS, v.50, no.9, pp.5528 - 5540, 2023-09

    Non-invasive flow mapping of parasagittal meningeal lymphatics using 2D interslice flow saturation MRI

    Kim, Jun-Hee; Yoo, Roh-Eul; Choi, Seung Hong; et al, FLUIDS AND BARRIERS OF THE CNS, v.20, no.1, 2023-05

    An agonistic anti-Tie2 antibody suppresses the normal-to-tumor vascular transition in the glioblastoma invasion zone

    Lee, Eunhyeong; Lee, Eun-Ah; Kong, Eunji; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.55, no.2, pp.470 - 484, 2023-02

    Perfusion Maps Acquired From Dynamic Angiography MRI Using Deep Learning Approaches

    Asaduddin, Muhammad; Roh, Hong Gee; Kim, Hyun Jeong; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, v.57, no.2, pp.456 - 469, 2023-02

    Measuring glomerular blood transfer rate in kidney using diffusion-weighted arterial spin labeling

    Ahn, Hyun-Seo; Jung, Yujin; Park, Sung-Hong, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.88, no.6, pp.2408 - 2418, 2022-12

    Simultaneously optimizing sampling pattern for joint acceleration of multi-contrast MRI using model-based deep learning

    Seo, Sunghun; Luu, Huan Minh; Choi, Seung Hong; et al, MEDICAL PHYSICS, v.49, no.9, pp.5964 - 5980, 2022-09

    Measurement of CSF pulsation from EPI-based human fMRI

    Kim, Jun-Hee; Im, Jae-Geun; Park, Sung-Hong, NEUROIMAGE, v.257, 2022-08

    Unsupervised resolution-agnostic quantitative susceptibility mapping using adaptive instance normalization

    Oh, Gyutaek; Bae, Hyokyoung; Ahn, Hyun-Seo; et al, MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS, v.79, 2022-07

    Varying undersampling directions for accelerating multiple acquisition magnetic resonance imaging

    Kim, Ki Hwan; Seo, Sunghun; Do, Won-Joon; et al, NMR IN BIOMEDICINE, v.35, no.4, 2022-04

    Feasibility of Synthetic Computed Tomography Images Generated from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans Using Various Deep Learning Methods in the Planning of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

    Yoo, Gyu Sang; Luu, Huan Minh; Kim, Heejung; et al, CANCERS, v.14, no.1, pp.40, 2022-01

    Single-shot pseudo-centric EPI for magnetization-prepared imaging

    Lee, Hyun-Soo; Hwang, Seon-Ha; Park, Jaeseok; et al, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.86, no.5, pp.2656 - 2665, 2021-11

    Tumor hypoxia represses gamma delta T cell-mediated antitumor immunity against brain tumors

    Park, Changhyun; Kim, Hyunjin; Kim, Chaewon; et al, NATURE IMMUNOLOGY, v.22, no.3, pp.336 - 346, 2021-02

    qMTNet: Accelerated Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging with Artificial Neural Networks

    Luu, Huan Minh; Kim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Jae-Woong; et al, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.85, no.1, pp.312 - 322, 2021-01

    qMTNet+, an Improved qMTNet with Residual Connection for Accelerated Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging

    Huan Minh Luu; Kim, Dong-Hyun; Choi, Seung Hong; et al, Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging, v.24, no.4, pp.241 - 251, 2020-12

    Assessment of Renal Perfusion in Transplanted Kidney Patients Using Pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling with Multiple Post-Labeling Delays

    Ahn, Hyun-Seo; Yu, Hee Chul; Kwak, Hyo Sung; et al, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, v.130, pp.109200, 2020-09

    Artificial neural network for Slice Encoding for Metal Artifact Correction (SEMAC) MRI

    Seo, Sunghun; Do, Won-Joon; Luu, Huan Minh; et al, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.84, no.1, pp.263 - 276, 2020-07

    Quantitative susceptibility map reconstruction using annihilating filter-based low-rank Hankel matrix approach

    Ahn, Hyun-Seo; Park, Sung-Hong; Ye, Jong Chul, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.83, no.3, pp.858 - 871, 2020-03

    Rapid framework for quantitative magnetization transfer imaging with interslice magnetization transfer and dictionary-driven fitting approaches

    Kim, Jae-Woong; Lee, Sul-Li; Choi, Seung Hong; et al, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.82, no.5, pp.1671 - 1683, 2019-11

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