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Han, Myung Joon (한명준)
부교수, Department of Physics(물리학과)
Research Area
Condensed Matter Theory
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    Complete mapping of magnetic anisotropy for prototype Ising van der Waals FePS3

    Nauman, Muhammad; Kiem, Do Hoon; Lee, Sungmin; et al, 2D MATERIALS, v.8, no.3, 2021-10

    Electronic and magnetic properties of carbide MXenes-the role of electron correlations

    Bae, Soungmin; Kang, Yoon-Gu; Khanzaei, Mohammad; et al, MATERIALS TODAY ADVANCES, v.9, 2021-03

    J(eff)=3/2 metallic phase and unconventional superconductivity in GaTa4Se8

    Jeong, Min Yong; Chang, Seo Hyoung; Lee, Hyeong Jun; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.103, no.8, 2021-02

    Polar Metal Phase Induced by Oxygen Octahedral Network Relaxation in Oxide Thin Films

    Roh, Chang Jae; Jung, Myung-Chul; Kim, Jeong Rae; et al, SMALL, v.16, pp.2003055, 2020-09

    Influence of stacking disorder on cross-plane thermal transport properties in TMPS3 (TM = Mn, Ni, Fe)

    Ju, Hwiin; Jeong, Do-Gyeom; Choi, Young-Gwan; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.117, no.6, 2020-08

    Post-synthetic oriented attachment of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystal building blocks: from first principle calculation to experimental demonstration of size and dimensionality (0D/1D/2D)

    Jeon, Sanghyun; Jung, Myung-Chul; Ahn, Junhyuk; et al, NANOSCALE HORIZONS, v.5, no.6, pp.960 - 970, 2020-06

    Polymorphic Spin, Charge, and Lattice Waves in Vanadium Ditelluride

    Won, Dongyeun; Kiem, Hoon; Cho, Hwanbeom; et al, Advanced Materials, v.32, no.11, pp.1906578, 2020-03

    First-principles-based calculation of branching ratio for 5d, 4d, and 3dtransition metal systems

    Kiem, Do Hoon; Sim, Jae-Hoon; Yoon, Hongkee; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v.32, no.24, pp. 245501, 2020-03

    Nonlocal Coulomb interaction and spin-freezing crossover as a route to valence-skipping charge order

    Ryee, Siheon; Semon, Patrick; Han, Myung Joonresearcher; et al, NPJ QUANTUM MATERIALS, v.5, no.1, pp.19, 2020-03

    Jx: An open-source software for calculating magnetic interactions based on magnetic force theory

    Yoon, Hongkee; Kim, Taek Jung; Sim, Jae-Hoon; et al, COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.247, pp.106927, 2020-02

    Designing High-Performance CdSe Nanocrystal Thin-Film Transistors Based on Solution Process of Simultaneous Ligand Exchange, Trap Passivation, and Doping

    Lee, Woo Seok; Kang, Yoon Gu; Woo, Ho Kun; et al, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.31, no.22, pp.9389 - 9399, 2019-10

    Magnetic force theory combined with quasi-particle self-consistent GW method

    Yoon, Hongkee; Jang, Seung Woo; Sim, Jae-Hoon; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v.31, no.40, pp.405503, 2019-10

    Density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theory with natural atomic orbital projectors

    Sim, Jae-Hoon; Han, Myung Joonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.100, no.11, pp.115151, 2019-09

    Tetrahedral coordination and low-spin configuration in a 5d oxide

    Zhao, Q.; Sim, Jae-Hoon; Zhang, Z.; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, v.3, no.6, pp.063607, 2019-06

    Microscopic understanding of magnetic interactions in bilayer CrI3

    Jang, Seung Woo; Jeong, Minyong; Yoon, Hongkee; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, v.3, no.3, pp.031001(R), 2019-03

    Anomalous behavior of the quasi-one-dimensional quantum material Na2OsO4 at high pressure

    Sereika, R.; Yamaura, K.; Jia, Y.; et al, Materials Today Physics, v.8, pp.18 - 24, 2019-03

    Charge density functional plus U calculation of lacunar spinel GaM4Se (M = Nb, Mo, Ta, and W)

    Lee, Hyunggeun; Jeong, Minyong; Sim, Jae-Hoon; et al, EPL, v.125, no.4, pp.47005, 2019-02

    Analytic continuation via domain knowledge free machine learning

    Yoon, Hongkee; Sim, Jae-Hoon; Han, Myung Joonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.24, pp.245101, 2018-12

    Maximum quantum entropy method

    Sim, Jae-Hoon; Han, Myung Joonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.20, pp.205102, 2018-11

    Quantified degeneracy, entropy, and metal-insulator transition in complex transition-metal oxides

    Sim, Jae-Hoon; Ryee, Siheon; Lee, Hunpyo; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.16, pp.165114, 2018-10

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