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Ryu, Sukyoung (류석영)
부교수, School of Computing(전산학부)
Research Area
Programming Languages, Program Analysis, Programming Environment
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    Toward Analysis and Bug Finding in JavaScript Web Applications in the Wild

    Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher; Park, Jihyeok; Park, Joonyoung, IEEE SOFTWARE, v.36, no.3, pp.74 - 82, 2019-05

    Weakly sensitive analysis for JavaScript object-manipulating programs

    Ko, Yoon Seok; Rival, Xavier; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, SOFTWARE-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE, v.49, no.5, pp.840 - 884, 2019-05

    Retinal Blood Vessel Caliber Estimation for Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Images Based on 3D Superellipsoid Modeling

    Han, Myounghee; Kim, Yongjoo; Park, Jang Ryul; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMAGE AND GRAPHICS, v.19, no.2, 2019-04

    Polymorphic symmetric multiple dispatch with variance

    Park, Gyunghee; Hong, Jaemin; Steele Jr., Guy L.; et al, Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, v.3, no.POPL, pp.1 - 28, 2019-01

    A Theoretical Foundation of Sensitivity in an Abstract Interpretation Framework

    Kim, Se-Won; Rival, Xavier; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND SYSTEMS, v.40, no.3, 2018-08

    Wide dynamic range high-speed three-dimensional quantitative OCT angiography with a hybrid-beam scan

    Park, Tae Jin; Jang, Sun Joo; Han, Myounghee; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.43, no.10, pp.2237 - 2240, 2018-05

    Static analysis of JavaScript libraries in a scalable and precise way using loop sensitivity

    Park, Changhee; Lee, Hongki; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, SOFTWARE-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE, v.48, no.4, pp.911 - 944, 2018-04

    Analysis of JavaScript Programs: Challenges and Research Trends

    Sun, Kwangwon; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS, v.50, no.4, 2017-11

    WALA와 Boa를 활용하여 대규모 소프트웨어 저장소를 정적으로 분석하는 도구 개발

    박경희; 류석영researcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.44, no.10, pp.1081 - 1086, 2017-10

    Precise and Scalable Static Analysis of jQuery using a Regular Expression Domain

    Park, Changhee; Im, Hyeonseung; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, v.52, no.2, pp.25 - 36, 2017-02

    Scalable framework for parsing: from Fortress to JavaScript

    Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, SOFTWARE-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE, v.46, no.9, pp.1219 - 1238, 2016-09

    Journey to Find Bugs in JavaScript Web Applications in the Wild

    Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, v.51, no.9, pp.2 - 2, 2016-09

    ThisType for Object-Oriented Languages: From Theory to Practice

    Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND SYSTEMS, v.38, no.3, 2016-05

    Development nature matters: An empirical study of code clones in JavaScript applications

    Cheung, Wai Ting; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher; Kim, Sunghun, EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, v.21, no.2, pp.517 - 564, 2016-04

    자바스크립트의 이벤트 동작 분석을 위한 이벤트 모델링

    류연희; 류석영researcher, 정보과학회 컴퓨팅의 실제 논문지, v.21, no.12, pp.751 - 755, 2015-12

    확장성을 조절할 수 있는 자바스크립트 앱 정적 분석 프레임워크

    고윤석; 류석영researcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.42, no.11, pp.1404 - 1409, 2015-11

    GPU-Accelerated Framework for Intracoronary Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging at the Push of a Button

    Han, Myounghee; Kim, Kyunghun; Jang, Sun Joo; et al, PLOS ONE, v.10, no.4, 2015-04

    All about the with Statement in JavaScript: Removing with Statements in JavaScript Applications

    Park, Changhee; Lee, Hongki; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, v.49, no.2, pp.73 - 84, 2014-02

    SAFE: 확장 가능한 JavaScript 분석 프레임워크

    이홍기; 진준호; 원순철; et al, 정보과학회논문지 : 소프트웨어 및 응용, v.40, no.5, pp.283 - 289, 2013-05

    Formal Specification of a JavaScript Module System

    Kang, Seonghoon; Ryu, Sukyoungresearcher, ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, v.47, no.10, pp.621 - 638, 2012-10

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