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Jun, Dukbin (전덕빈)
교수, (경영공학부)
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Business & Economic Forecasting
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    Effect of general health checks on the treatment of chronic diseases: accounting for self-selection in the retrospective cohort study using Korea National Health Insurance data

    Yoon, Sungwook; Jun, Dukbinresearcher; Park, Sungho, BMJ OPEN, v.13, no.3, 2023-03

    민간 의료 보험 가입의 효과와 자기선택 편의

    박주형; 전덕빈researcher; 박성호; et al, 한국경영과학회지, v.47, no.4, pp.33 - 51, 2022-11

    The effect of epidemic outbreak on healthcare usage: Lessons from the 2015 Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak in South Korea

    Park, Jinhwan; Jun, Dukbinresearcher; Park, Sungho, JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY SERIES A-STATISTICS IN SOCIETY, v.185, no.3, pp.1319 - 1343, 2022-07

    Copula-based direct utility models for correlated choice alternatives

    Kim, Chul; Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Park, Sungho, QME-QUANTITATIVE MARKETING AND ECONOMICS, v.20, no.1, pp.69 - 99, 2022-03

    Impact of differential copayment on patient healthcare choice: evidence from South Korean National Cohort Study

    Jo, Sangkyun; Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Park, Sungho, BMJ OPEN, v.11, no.6, pp.e044549, 2021-06

    검색량 인덱스를 활용한 연속 드라마 수명주기 모형

    권대현; 전덕빈researcher; 김효영, 한국경영과학회지, v.46, no.2, pp.11 - 22, 2021-05

    Individual and group advice taking in judgmental forecasting: Is group forecasting superior to individual forecasting?

    Kim, Hyo Young; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Jun, Duk Binresearcher, JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING, v.33, no.3, pp.287 - 303, 2020-07

    The effect of general health checks on healthcare utilization: accounting for self-selection bias

    Yoon, Sungwook; Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Park, Sungho, JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY SERIES A-STATISTICS IN SOCIETY, v.183, no.1, pp.3 - 36, 2020-01

    A Choice-Based Diffusion Model for Multi-Generation and Multi-Country Data

    Lim, Hyung Soo; Jun, Dukbinresearcher; Hamoudia, Mohsen, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.147, pp.163 - 173, 2019-10

    The effect of relative performance feedback on judgmental forecasting accuracy

    Kim, Hyoyoung; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Jun, Dukbinresearcher, MANAGEMENT DECISION, v.57, no.7, pp.1695 - 1711, 2019-07

    Capturing flexible correlations in multiple-discrete choice outcomes using copulas

    Kim, Chul; Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Park, Sungho, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING, v.35, no.1, pp.34 - 59, 2018-03

    구조적 변화 감지 과정이 포함된 페어트레이딩 알고리즘의 성과분석

    정인곤; 박대근; 전덕빈researcher, 한국경영과학회지, v.42, no.3, pp.13 - 24, 2017-08

    Distribution Based Level Change Detection in a Random Level Forecasting Model

    Park, Dae Keun; Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Kim, Jung Il, 대한산업공학회지, v.43, no.4, pp.255 - 263, 2017-08

    구매시점을 중심으로 소셜커머스 구매환경이 미치는 소비자 선호 별 효용 분석

    최소영; 임형수; 전덕빈researcher; et al, 한국경영과학회지, v.42, no.2, pp.1 - 17, 2017

    Forecasting annual lung and bronchus cancer deaths using individual survival times

    Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Kim, Kyunghoon; Park, Myoung Hwan, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.32, no.1, pp.168 - 179, 2016-01

    Temporal Disaggregation: Methods, Information Loss, and Diagnostics

    Jun, Duk-Binresearcher; Moon, Jihwan; Park, Sungho, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & ECONOMIC STATISTICS, v.34, no.1, pp.53 - 61, 2016-01

    Modeling patronage shift to a new entrant for predicting disproportionate losses for incumbent outlets

    Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Kim, Jungki; Park, Myoung Hwan; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.28, no.3, pp.660 - 674, 2012-07

    Parameter Space Restrictions in State Space Models

    Jun, Duk-Binresearcher; Kim, Dong-Soo; Park, Sung-Ho; et al, JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.31, no.2, pp.109 - 123, 2012-03

    Long Term Mean Reversion of Stock Prices Based on Fractional Integration

    전덕빈researcher; 김용진; 박대근, MSFE, v.17, no.2, pp.85 - 97, 2011-11

    A choice-based multi-product diffusion model incorporating replacement demand

    Jun, Duk Binresearcher; Kim, Il Jung, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.78, no.4, pp.674 - 689, 2011-05

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