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Kim, Jihee (김지희)
부교수, (기술경영학부)
Research Area
Macroeconomics, Economic Growth Theory, Civic Technology
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    The economic costs of trade sanctions: Evidence from North Korea

    Kim, Jihee; Kim, Kyoochul; Park, Sangyoon; et al, JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, v.145, 2023-11

    A human-machine collaborative approach measures economic development using satellite imagery

    Ahn, Donghyun; Yang, Jeasurk; Cha, Meeyoung; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-10

    Disaster assessment using computer vision and satellite imagery: Applications in detecting water-related building damages

    Kim, Danu; Won, Jeongkyung; Lee, Eunji; et al, FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, v.10, no.0, pp.1 - 14, 2022-10

    Assessing proliferation uncertainty in civilian nuclear cooperation under new power dynamics of the international nuclear trade

    Kim, Philseo; Kim, Jihee; Yim, Man-Sung, ENERGY POLICY, v.163, 2022-04

    The impact of liquidity risk in the Chinese banking system on the global commodity markets

    Jo, Yonghwan; Kim, Jihee; Santos, Francisco, JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE, v.66, pp.23 - 50, 2022-03

    How deliberation changes public opinions on nuclear energy: South Korea's deliberation on closing nuclear reactors

    Kim, Philseo; Kim, Jihee; Yim, Man-Sung, APPLIED ENERGY, v.270, 2020-07

    Revisiting the Time Series Momentum Anomaly

    Jo, Yonghwan; Kim, Jihee, ANNALS OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE, v.20, no.2, pp.767 - 782, 2019-11

    A Schumpeterian Model of Top Income Inequality

    Jones, Charles I.; Kim, Jihee, JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY, v.126, no.5, pp.1785 - 1826, 2018-10

    A Schumpeterian Model of Top Income Inequality

    Jones, Charles I; Kim, Jihee, NBER Working Paper Series, v.20637, 2014-10

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